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Ming Zhao zhaom at cis.fiu.edu
Sat Mar 8 09:18:05 CST 2014

Feedback Computing 2014 Call for Papers

June 17th, 2014, Philadelphia, PA, collocating with USENIX ATC and ICAC

Submission deadline in two weeks!

Key Dates:

* Paper submissions due: March 25, 2014, 11:59 p.m. PDT
* Notification to authors: April 22, 2014
* Final paper files due: May 22, 2014


The 2014 International Workshop on Feedback Computing will be held in
June 2014, as part of USENIX Federated Conferences Week in
Philadelphia, PA. The workshop is a unique forum dedicated to
advancing feedback system theory and practice in modeling, analyzing,
designing, and optimizing computing systems. It represents a timely
response to the following two trends:

1. Computing systems are growing larger, smarter, and more complex,
embedding in the physical world, human interactions, and societal
infrastructure. Systematic and feedback-driven approaches are critical
for addressing the dynamic complexity that arises in new fields such
as cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, social networks, and
mobile applications.

2. Advances in disciplines such as machine learning, mathematical
optimization, network theories, decision theories, and data
engineering provide new foundations and techniques that empower
feedback approaches to address computing systems at scale and to
achieve goals such as autonomy, adaptation, stabilization, robustness,
and performance optimization.


The Feedback Computing Workshop seeks original research contributions
and position papers on advancing feedback control technologies and
their applications in computing systems, broadly defined. Topics of
interest include but are not limited to:

* Theoretical foundations for feedback computing
* New control paradigms and system architecture
* Sensing, actuation, and data management in feedback computing
* Learning and modeling of computing system dynamics
* Design patterns and software engineering
* Experiences and best practices from real systems
* Applications in domains such as big data, cloud computing, computer
networks, cyber-physical systems, data center resource management,
distributed systems, mobility, power management and sustainability,
real-time systems, and social networks

We encourage research papers containing original research results,
challenge papers motivating new research directions, and application
papers describing experiences from real systems. In addition, the
workshop will facilitate discussion and collaborative research among
the participants. One Best Paper Award will be announced at the end of
workshop to recognize the current best work in feedback computing.

Paper Submissions

The workshop follows a single-blind review process. Authors are
invited to submit three types of papers to emphasize the multiple
focuses of this workshop:

* Research Papers: Research papers must represent original,
unpublished contributions and must not exceed 6 pages in length
(excluding references).

* Challenge Papers: Challenge paper submissions must motivate research
challenges with real systems that can take advantage of feedback
computing, and should not exceed 3 pages in length (excluding

* Application Papers: Application paper submissions must be based on
real experience and working systems. All submissions should be
formatted as annotated slides--a visual in the upper half of a page and
the explanatory text in the lower half--and should not exceed 15 slides
in length.

Please refer to
for submission instructions.


General Chair:

    Jie Liu, Microsoft Research

TPC Chairs:

    Sharad Singhal, HP Labs
    Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Penn State


    Eduardo Tovar, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
    Pradeep Padala, Vmware
    Arif Merchant, Google
    Qian Wang, Penn State
    Karl-Erik Arzen, Lund University
    Jeffrey Kephart, IBM Research
    Mark  Squillante, IBM Research
    Sherif Abdelwahed, Mississippi State University
    Martina Maggio, Lund University
    Ming Zhao, Florida International University

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