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Tue Mar 4 16:51:37 CST 2014

October 26 (Sun) - 28 (Tue), 2014
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


Important Dates

Abstracts Submission : April 18, 2014
Paper Submission : April 25, 2014
Acceptance Notification : June 17, 2014

This symposium is dedicated to the understanding and characterization of
workloads that run on all types of computing systems. New applications and
programming paradigms continue to emerge rapidly as the diversity and
performance of computers increase. On one hand, improvements in computing
technology are usually based on a solid understanding and analysis of
existing workloads. On the other hand, computing workloads evolve and
change with advances in microarchitecture, compilers, programming
languages, and networking communication technologies. Whether they are
smart phones and deeply embedded systems at the low end or massively
parallel systems at the high end, the design of future computing machines
can be significantly improved if we understand the characteristics of the
workloads that are expected to run on them. This symposium will focus on
characterizing and understanding emerging applications in consumer,
commercial and scientific computing.

General Chair
  Huiyang Zhou, North Carolina State University

Program Chair
  Lixin Zhang, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of
  Lingjia Tang, University of Michigan

Workshop/Tutorial Chair
  Lisa Hsu, Qualcomm

Finance Chair
  Carole-Jean Wu, Arizona State University

Local Arrangements Chair
  James Tuck, North Carolina State University

Publications Chair
  Mark Hempstead, Drexel University

Publicity Chair
  Jian Li, IBM Research

Registration Chair
  Xin Fu, University of Kansas

Submissions Chair

Web Chair
  Yi Yang, NEC Laboratories America
Topics of Interest
We solicit papers in all areas related to characterization of computing
system workloads. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Characterization of applications in areas including
o Search engines, e-commerce, web services, databases, file/application
o Embedded, mobile, multimedia, real-time, 3D-Graphics, gaming,
o Life sciences, bioinformatics, scientific computing, finance, forecasting
o Machine Learning, Analytics, Data mining
o Security, reliability, biometrics
o Grid and Cloud computing
o Emerging big data applications
Characterization of OS, Virtual Machine, middleware and library behavior
o Virtual machines, Websphere, .NET, Java VM, databases
o Graphics libraries, scientific libraries
Characterization of system behavior, including
o Operating system and hypervisor effects and overheads
o Hardware accelerators (GPGPU, XML, crypto, etc)
o User behavior and system-user interaction
o Impacts of scale-up and scale-out of systems, applications, and inputs
o Instrumentation methodologies for workload verification and
o Techniques for accurate analysis/measurement of production systems
Implications of workloads in design issues, such as
o Power management, reliability, security, performance
o Processors, memory hierarchy, I/O, and networks
o Design of accelerators, FPGA’s, GPU’s, etc.
o Novel architectures (non-Von-Neumann)
Benchmark creation, analysis, and evaluation issues, including
o Multithreaded benchmarks, benchmark cloning
o Profiling, trace collection, synthetic traces
o Validation of benchmarks
Analytical and abstract modeling of program behavior and systems
Emerging and future workloads
o Transactional memory workloads; workloads for multi/many-core systems
o Stream-based computing workloads; web2.0/internet workloads;
cyber-physical workloads

For further information, please contact the General or Program Chair:
   General Chair
         Huiyang Zhou, North Carolina State University
( hzhou at ncsu.edu )
    Program Chair
         Lixin Zhang, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of
Science    (zhanglixin at ict.ac.cn)
         Lingjia Tang, University of Michigan    (lingjia at umich.edu)

Best regards, Jian
Jian Li, PhD, IBM Research in Austin
Email: jianli at us.ibm.com (Jian Li/Austin/IBM)
URL: http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view.php?person=us-jianli
||  http://sites.google.com/site/lijianontheweb/home

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