[hpc-announce] EuroSys Call for Workshops

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Thu Jun 26 11:38:09 CDT 2014

***** EuroSys 2015: Call for Workshops *****

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for workshops to
be held in conjunction with the EuroSys 2015 conference. The purpose of
workshops is to provide a forum for exchanging opinions, presenting ideas, and
discussing preliminary results in an interactive atmosphere.
Proposals should include:
    * The workshop name and a 150-200-word abstract describing the workshop,
      suitable for the conference web site.
    * A short summary of the topic, scope and significance of the workshop,
      including a discussion on the relevance to EuroSys topics (please include
      information about past iterations of the workshop, if any).
    * Information about the procedure for selecting papers, plans for
      dissemination (for example, special issues of journals, or position
      statements distributed to the participants), the expected number of
      participants, and the planned workshop format.
    * A brief CV of each of the organizers including contact addresses and an
      identification of a single primary contact.
The definite dates for workshop submissions and camera-ready deadlines are yet
to be set. However, we expect that EuroSys paper notifications will be sent out
by end of January 2015, thus the workshop submission deadlines should be after
that. Workshop notifications must probably be sent out by the end of February
2015, so that authors can benefit from the early registration rate.
Furthermore, camera-ready copies of the papers must be provided by probably end
of 2015, in order to include them in the electronic version of the proceedings.
We will provide the definite dates as soon as they become available.
All proposals will be judged on their merits and the best proposals will be
accepted. Specifically, workshops that have been organized at previous
iterations of Eurosys are not automatically accepted this year. For instance,
we will take into account the success of previous events (in terms of
attendance, submissions, etc.) in our deliberations.

***** Responsibilities *****

The EuroSys organization provides:
    * A link on the EuroSys Web site
    * Management of registration for participants
    * Setup of meeting space and related equipment
    * Coffee-breaks and workshop lunch arrangements

For workshops interested in publishing their proceedings, the EuroSys
organization will provide the following support. Note that workshop proceedings
will not be included in the same volume as the EuroSys conference proceedings.
    * Collect camera-ready versions of the papers and their copyright forms
    * Provide support for publishing on the on-site CD
    * Provide support to obtain an ISBN number
    * Publish papers in ACM digital library

The main responsibility of organizing a workshop goes to the chairperson(s) of
the workshop. The workshop organization must take care of:
    * Coordinating deadlines and acceptance notifications for workshop papers
      with the EuroSys Workshop co-chairs
    * Workshop publicity, call for papers, and submission and review process
    * Providing a brief description of the workshop for inclusion on the
      EuroSys Web page
    * Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the EuroSys local

***** Important Dates *****

Workshop proposals due:  October 10, 2014
Acceptance notification: October 17, 2014
Date of workshops:       April 20, 2015

***** Workshop Submission *****

Please send electronic submissions to the workshop chairs at:

   eurosys2015-workshops at lists.cs.fau.de

Feel free to also contact the workshop co-chairs,
Daniel Lohmann and Vivien Quema with any questions regarding the EuroSys 2015


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