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Dear colleagues,
/[Please accept our apologies when receiving multiple copies.]//
The 24th International Conference on
Field Programmable Logic and Applications
Munich, Germany; September 2 - 4, 2014

FPL is the first <http://fpl.org/h/> and largest conference on 
Reconfigurable Computing. Its objective is to bring together researchers 
and practitioners from both academia and industry from all over the 
world. Many of the advances achieved in these trailblazing areas have 
been first published via FPL. Why FPL has become more important than 
ever: see http://fpl.org/s/
Important dates: 	
Conference Paper Submission Deadline: 	 March 28, 2014
PhD Forum Paper Submission Deadline: 	 March 28, 2014
Workshop and Tutorial Proposals:
	 March 14, 2014

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