[hpc-announce] Delivery and Adoption of Big Data Services in Contemporary Organizations (DoBD-2015), due on Jan 31, 2015

Chang V.I. vic1e09 at soton.ac.uk
Sun Dec 28 15:39:18 CST 2014

Dear All,

We have changed the deadline to Jan 31 2015 to allow more people to submit. I hope you can submit this special issue on Open Journal of Big Data (OJBD). Details are as follows. Many thanks.

Happy New Year,

Dr Victor Chang

Open Journal of Big Data: http://www.ronpub.com/index.php/journals/ojbd/special-issues/upcoming-special-issues
Special issue: Delivery and Adoption of Big Data Services in Contemporary Organizations (DoBD-2015)
Authors' Guideline and Submission: http://www.ronpub.com/index.php/journals/ojbd/author-guidelines

This special issue aims at bringing together research in the areas of distributed computing, systems and software engineering, high performance computing, and service science. This collection of publications is useful for academics, researchers, and practitioners seeking the latest practices and knowledge in these fields. Big Data has transformed the way many organizations work and offers added value for operation management and service computing. There are reported benefits such as agility, resource consolidation, business opportunities, and green IT. There are cases where organizations can improve on their efficiency, technical performance, and usability in using or adopting Big Data services due to the fusion of mature technologies such as virtualization, web services, information retrieval, large scale data processing, visualization, storage and backup, high performance calculations, and APIs on mobile devices and Big Data. Thus, this makes an interesting observation to understand what types of services are offered and what their contributions can provide. We are seeking papers to demonstrate proofs-of-concept, design and implementations, successful case studies, and use cases of using or adopting Big Data.

The special issue expects original, high-quality papers, including but NOT limited to the following fields:

Use Cases
Evaluation and review
Infrastructure as a Service
Platform as a Service
Application as a Service
How businesses and organizations use Big Data
Technical implementations in healthcare, finance, or education
Big Data services for healthcare, finance, or education
Big Data adoption: case studies, frameworks, or models
Simulations and experiments with reproducible steps
Graphical Processing Unit techniques
Big Data Storage
New demonstrations in public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds
New business models and economics (quantitative or computational only)
Architectures and frameworks (preferably quantitative or computational)
Future research directions and emerging service technology innovation
Reviews or challenges from social science, law, businesses, and non-ICT domains

Dr. Victor Chang, Leeds Beckett University

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2015
Author Notification: April 01, 2015

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