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*CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline Extended!!)*
*IEEE Fourth International Workshop on **Cloud Computing*
*Interclouds, Multiclouds, Federations, and Interoperability*
*(Intercloud 2015)*

*Tempe, Arizona, USA, March 9 – 13, 2015in conjunction withthe IEEE
International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2015)*
Advances in processing, communication and systems/middleware technologies
have led us to new paradigms and platforms for computing – in the form of
Cloud Computing That in its own turn creates a basis for the Big Data and
Data intensive technologies. Cloud Computing from Cloud Service Providers
is a burgeoning market with a wide variety to choose from, including some
of the most notable names in Internet and IT today. Cloud Computing is the
go-to platform now for datacenter architecture, scalable application
hosting, new application development, and mobile app platform. While cloud
Computing enjoys a certain amount of application – or application
architecture – portability, there are not really any interoperability
standards or common practices in place. Security, SLA, and other concerns
are still active areas of interest. Also, while Cloud Computing is
different from Grid Computing, there is some Federation and
Interoperability in the Grid community, are these appropriate to the Cloud
Computing space. It is widely believed that the whole space of Clouds,
Grids, and the Intercloud will federate and eventually converge. Looking
even further backwards, there are lessons to be learned from the early
Internet work as well as Mobile Telephony. Looking forwards, Cloud
Federation Management as well as SDN are both key to making this happen.
This workshop aims at providing a forum to bring together researchers for
sharing and exchanging Cloud computing related research, technologies,
experience, and lessons for building Clouds with Intercloud, Multicloud,
Federation, and Interoperability capabilities, standards, services, and
management techniques. Topics of interest include:

   - Theory, frameworks, methodologies, architecture for Interclouds,
   Multiclouds, Federations, and Interoperability
   - Cloud Federation and Interoperability Protocols
   - Cloud Federation Management
   - Trust, Security, Identity for Interclouds, Multiclouds, Federations,
   and Interoperability
   - Virtual Private Cloud, IP-SEC, MPLS techniques for Domain Management
   - Grid Federation and Interoperability Protocols, Lessons Learned, As
   Applied to Clouds
   - Experimental Results of Distributed/Multiple Datacenter Cloud
   Coordination and Interoperability
   - Theory or Experimental Results of SDN used for Federations, and
   - Semantic Web Services Definitions for Clouds Resources and Management
   - Using Big Data techniques to solve Federation Constraint based
   Resource Matching
   - Mobile Roaming applications for for Interclouds, Multiclouds,
   Federations, and Interoperability
   - Cloud and Grid Federation governance and regulatory issues
   - Traffic and load balancing across Federated and Interoperable Clouds
   - QoS/SLA in Federated and Interoperable Clouds
   - PaaS for Interclouds, Multiclouds, Federations, and Interoperability
   - Interoperable cloud based infrastructures for Big Data applications
   - Management operations, discovery, configuration, provisioning
   - Geo-balancing for Interclouds, Multiclouds, Federations, and
   - Compliance, Reference Definitions and Semantics, for Interclouds,
   Multiclouds, Federations, and Interoperability
   - Testbeds for Interclouds, Multiclouds, Federations, and

Manuscripts should be prepared in 10-point font using the IEEE 8.5" x 11"
two-column format. The full manuscript should be at most 7 pages. All
papers should be in PDF.


A paper submitted cannot be under review for any other conference or
journal during the entire time it is considered, and it must be
substantially different from any previously published work. All submissions
are peer-reviewed. The IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services
will publish accepted papers. Each paper will receive a minimum of three
reviews.  Papers will be selected based on their originality, relevance,
technical clarity and presentation. Authors of accepted papers must
guarantee that their papers will be registered and presented at the
workshop.  If you have any questions about paper submission or the
workshop, please contact the organizer.


   - Papers due: Sunday December 21, 2014 AOE
   <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anywhere_on_Earth> (Deadline Extended)
   - Notification of Acceptance: January 26th, 2015
   - Camera ready paper due: February 1st, 2015

David Bernstein
Founder/Chief Architect,
IEEE P2302 Intercloud Standards Working Group and Global Testbed Project
Cloud Strategy Partners, LLC
Silicon Valley, California
E-mail: david *at* cloudstrategypartners.com

Yuri Demchenko
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1098XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email: y.demchenko *at* uva.nl

Chunming Rong
University of Stavanger
NO- 4036, Stavanger, Norway
E-mail: chunming.rong *at* uis.no
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