[hpc-announce] CFP: Int. Conf. on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC-2015), New York

Christoph Kessler christoph.kessler at liu.se
Thu Dec 4 01:59:20 CST 2014

                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                                NPC 2015

The 12th IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing


           September 17-19, 2015              New York, New York


NPC'2015 provides a forum for bold and innovative ideas.
Big Data, Internet of Things, Smartphones, Youtube, Globally
Distributed Databases, Social Networks and more are driving
network and parallel computing in new directions.  Security
and privacy have new importance after break-ins at major retailers
and banks, Stuxnet, and the revelations of Edward Snowden.
What are the implications for network and parallel computing?

NPC especially seeks early stage work with the potential for major
changes in network and parallel computing.  Although quantitative
assessment is valuable, and NPC welcomes such papers, NPC places yet
more value on bold ideas, even if all of the details and corner cases
are not yet resolved, or the ideas fully implemented.

NPC 2015 welcomes original submissions in a range of areas,
including but not limited to:

 o In-Memory computing
 o Applications of parallel and distributed computing.
 o Systems, networks, and architectures for high end computing.
 o Parallel and multi-core issues and opportunities.
 o Big data intelligence.
 o Virtualization of machines, networks, and storage.
 o Programming languages and environments.
 o I/O, file systems, and data management.
 o Resource management, scheduling, and load-balancing.
 o Performance modeling, simulation, and prediction.
 o Fault tolerance, reliability and availability.

NPC is in its 12th year and previous conferences have attracted
high quality papers and wide international participation.
Detailed submission instructions will be posted on the NPC 2015
website.  As in previous years, we are working to publish top papers
from NPC 2015 in a special issue of the International
Journal of Parallel Programming. Additional details are on the website.
Other journal venues are also being explored.

SUBMISSION SITE:  https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=npc20150

IMPORTANT DATES (Tentative, subject to change)

Paper Submissions Due             March     9, 2015
Results notification              May      20, 2015
Camera-ready version due          June     10, 2015
Poster submissions due            June      1, 2015
Poster Notification               June     20, 2015

NPC'2015 Conference in New York   Sept  17-19, 2015

Erik Altman,            IBM
Hai Jin,                Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Viji Srinivasan,        IBM TJ. Watson Research Center
Yunquan Zhang,          Chinese Academy of Sciences

Abdullah Muzahid,       University of Texas, San Antonio

Martha Kim,             Columbia University
Zehra Sura,             IBM

Wonsun Ahn,             University of Pittsburgh (Americas)
Wenguang Chen,          Tsinghua Univ    (Asia)
Christoph Kessler,      Linkoping Univ   (Europe)

Ioana Baldini,          IBM

Charlie Curtsinger,     University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Pavan Balaji,           Argonne National Laboratory
Mehmet Balman,          Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Surendra Byna,          Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Massimo Cafaro,         University of Salento, Italy
Jun Chen,               IAPACM, China
Wenguang Chen,          Tsinghua University
Yifeng Cui,             University of California, San Diego
Parijat Dubey,          IBM
Zhen Fang,              AMD
Xiaobing Feng,          ICT, CAS
Junli Gu,               AMD
Haiwu He,               CNNIC, China
Shadi Ibrahim,          INRIA
Dejun Jiang,            Chinese Academy of Sciences
David Kaeli,            Northeastern University
Sriram Krishnamoorthy,  Pacific Northwest National Lab
Laurent Lefevre,        INRIA, France
Jian Li,                Huawei
Kenli Li,               Hunan University, China
Zhiyuan Li,             Purdue University
Xiaofei Liao,           HUST, China
Kai Lu,                 NUDT, China
Xiaoyi Lu,              Ohio State University
Yutong Lu,              NUDT, China
Yingwei Luo,            Peking University
Xiaosong Ma,            North Carolina State University
Kaoutar El Maghraoui,   IBM
Vanneschi Marco,        University of Pisa
Serge Petiton,          Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
Apan Qasem,             Texas State University
Guangzhi Qu,            Oakland University
Xuanhua Shi,            HUST, China
Gaurav Singh,           CSIRO, Australia
Peter Sweeney,          IBM
Clark Verbrugge,        McGill University
Long Wang,              SCCAS, China
Ren Wu,                 AMD
Limin Xiao,             Beihang University, China
Shengen Yan,            Baidu, IDL
Liang Yuan,             ICT, CAS
Linbo Zhang,            LSEC, CAS
Xianyi Zhang,           IOS, CAS
Huiyang Zhou,           North Carolina State University

Ruay-Shiung Chang,      Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism Univ
Ce-Kuen Shieh,          National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Timothy K. Shih,        National Central University, Taiwan
Pen-Chung Yew,          University of Minnesota, USA


Kemal Ebcioglu,         Global Supercomputing, USA  (Chair)
Hai Jin,                Huazhong Univ. of Science & Technology, China
Chen Ding,              University of Rochester, USA
Jack Dongarra,          Univ of Tennessee, USA
Guangrong Gao,          Univ of Delaware, USA
Daniel Reed,            University of Iowa, USA
Zhiwei Xu,              Institue of Computing Technology, China
Yoichi Muraoka,         Waseda University, Japan
Jean-Luc Gaudiot,       University of California Irvine, USA
Guojie Li,              The Institute of Computing Technology, China
Viktor Prasanna,        University of Southern California, USA
Weisong Shi,            Wayne State University, USA
Tony Hey,               Microsoft, USA

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