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Call for Book Chapters

"Big Data and the Internet of Things: Technology, Business, and Social
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA

**Chapter proposal due: October 15, 2014**

Kuan-Ching Li,Providence University, Taiwan
Yunchuan Sun, Beijing Normal University, China
Hai Jiang, Arkansas State University, USA
Antonio Jara, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
(HES-SO), Switzerland
Laurence T. Yang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

With the introduction and vast development of Internet of Things,
these tiny identifying devices have transformed daily life. As
consequence, the amount of Data being generated is at exponential rate
all over the world.

Mining and analyzing these big data can give rise to a lot of useful
information and patterns, which fosters a key basis of the business
intelligence and propels the society forward. As with any advancement,
Big data comes with both opportunities and challenges. Big data
challenges involves in three aspects: 1) technology challenges include
how to model and manage the big data with features of volumes,
diversity and heterogeneity, how to process, analyze, and mine the
potential patterns from big data, how to share and manage the data,
and how to ensure the security and the privacy for big data; 2)
business challenges include how to transform business using the big
data, how to find novel business models for big data, and how to
evaluate the benefits and costs of big data—so called big data
economy; 3) social challenges include how to analyze and evaluate the
social influences from the big data, how to keep the social justice
using big data, and etc.

It’s the time for us to re-think about and figure out what to do with
the new challenges. Through evolving algorithmic and analytic
techniques, organizations can harness the big data, discover hidden
patterns, and use this knowledge to act meaningfully for competitive

This book intends to cover algorithmic and methods discussions, topics
to build better analytics to gather data and applications in diverse
fields such as Medicine, Science, Business, Finance, Social, and
Engineering. This book aims at investigating the current advancing of
the big data from the above three aspects of challenges, through major

- Big data modeling and management
- Big data mining and analytics
- Semantic techniques for big data
- Relationship between ‘small data’and big data
- Big data intelligence and predictive analytics
- Managing large-scale big data platforms
- Security and privacy issues for big data

Platforms and Data
- Models for big data
- Tools and frameworks for big data
- Heterogeneous data integration
- Linked Open Data
- Reference Data Sets
- Open Source solutions

- Transforming business using big data
- Business models on Big Data applications
- Social media analysis, including sentiment analysis
- Accommodating new demands on network infrastructure
- Big Data economy and social impact

- Human Dynamics and Social Networks
- Smart Cities
- Internet of Things
- Smart Grid and Energy
- Multimedia and entertainment

Proposal submission
A proposal for a book chapter is needed from prospective authors
before the proposal submission due date, describing the goals and
scopes of the proposed chapter. Acceptance of chapter proposals will
be communicated to leading authors after a formal double-blind review
process. The submission of chapter proposals should be sent directly
via email to Editors.

Important Dates
Proposal Submission: October 15, 2014
Proposal Acceptance: November 15, 2014
Sample Chapter Submission: January 15, 2015
Final version of Chapters: April 1, 2015
Publication Time: Q4/ 2015

Additional Information
Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically by email to
big-data-iot-book at googlegroups.com
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