[hpc-announce] Further Announcement and CFPs for IFIP HET-NETs 2013

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IFIP Event 02691 <http://www.ifip.org/cal_even.htm>

Seventh International Working Conference
HET-NETs 2013
‘Performance and Security Modelling & Evaluation of
Cooperative Heterogeneous Networks’
First EU PhD Course
NET-PEN 2013
 ‘Networks and Performance Engineering’

Mon 11th – Wed 13th Nov. 2013
Venue: Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England, UK

General Chair: Demetres D Kouvatsos (University of Bradford, UK)
PC Co-Chairs: Simonetta Balsamo (University of Ca’ Foscari of Venetia, Italy)
Yutaka Takahashi (Kyoto University, Japan)

  Further Announcement and CFPs
The Seventh Int. HET-NET 2013 Open Conference is organised under the auspices of IFIP - International Federation of Information Processing and aims to (i) Motivate fundamental research into the performance and security modelling, analysis, standardisation and engineering of evolving, cooperative and converging multi-service networks of diverse technology and the future generation Internet (FGI) and (ii) Provide the platform for the staging of the First EU PhD Course ‘NET-PEN 2013’, based on selected HET-NETs 2013 technical papers and tutorials.

   Contributions are encouraged on, but are not limited to, the following technical themes:

•       Network Traffic Modelling, Characterisation and Engineering;
•       Experimental Performance Validation and Measurement Platforms;
•       Modelling Performance vs. Security Trade-offs in Heterogeneous Networks;
•       Energy-Aware Security and QoS Routing Trade-offs in Wireless Networks;
•       Queueing Theoretic-based Models for Intrusion Detection and Elimination Systems;
•       Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) with or without Cloud Supporting Platforms;
•       Network Security Management Models for Quantum Key Distributions;
•       QoS Protocols for Vehicular (VANETs) and Robotic (RANETs) Ad Hoc Networks;
•       Numerical, Simulation and Analytic Methodologies and Quantitative Tools;
•       Queueing Network Models (QNMs) and Gen. Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPNs) with Blocking;
•       Optimal Group Network Communication (Broadcasting /Multicasting) Schemes;
•       Performance vs. Security  Issues in Optical Networks;
•       QoS and Mobility Management in Wireless Networks;
•       Modelling and Quantitative Analysis of Overlay Networks;
•       End-to-End QoS in Cooperative Heterogeneous Networks;
•       Quality Feedback for Perceived Service Dependability;
•       Standardisation Issues in Cooperative Heterogeneous Networks.


•          HET-NETs 2013 E-Proceedings and in Research Webshelf of River Publishers <www.researchwebshelf. com>);

•          After HET-NETs 2013: To edit an IFIP Book and Special Journal Issues of extended and updated HET-NETs 2013 papers and tutorials (SCI indexed) in the journals of WIRE / COMCOM / JCSS / Green Engineering.

Extended Closing Dates
In response to many requests from colleagues worldwide, the closing dates for submissions are extended as follows:

•          Mon 21st  of Oct. 2013: Submission of Technical Papers (up to six A4 pages), Tutorials (up to four A4 pages), Works-in-Progress (up to two A4 pages) and Posters (a single A4 page) for peer review;

•          Sat 26th of Oct. 2013: Confirmation of Acceptance / Rejection;

Fri 1st of Nov. 2013: Submission of Camera Ready Papers (up to ten A4 pages), Tutorials (up to twenty five A4 pages), Works-in-Progress (up to six A4 pages) and Posters (up to four A4 pages).

                                              Template for Manuscript Preparation
Please use Springer’s free paper preparation template available at:

http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-6-793341-0 .
This template includes the links LNCS author guidelines<http://static.springer.com/sgw/documents/1121537/application/pdf/Springer_CS_Proceedings_Author_Guidelines_Jan_2013.pdf>,  llncs2e.zip<ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/llncs/latex2e/llncs2e.zip> (for Latex) and plnproc1110.zip<ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/llncs/word/splnproc1110.zip> (for Word). Before uploading, papers should be converted to PDF.

Uploading of HET-NETs 2013 Submissions
All HET-NETs 2013 paper and tutorial submissions should be uploaded in the HET-NETs 2014 On-line
Submission System (please use the link: http://computing.brad.ac.uk/hetnets-2013/submit/) as well as be sent to Miss Guzlan Miskeen_Local Chair HET-NETs 2013 <HETNETs2013 at gmail.com<mailto:HETNETs2013 at gmail.com>>.

For more information on the staging of HET-NETs 2013 and NET-PEN 2013, please contact Prof Demetres D Kouvatsos <D.Kouvatsos at Bradford.ac.uk<mailto:D.Kouvatsos at Bradford.ac.uk>>.

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