[hpc-announce] International Workshop "Parallel programming in GAP"

Alexander Konovalov alexk at mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon May 27 04:20:37 CDT 2013

This is a reminder that registration deadlines are July 15th 2013
for the full registration, and August 5th 2013 if you don't need 
an accommodation. Apologies if you receive this more than once.

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International Workshop "Parallel programming in GAP"

August 18th-24th, 2013, University of St Andrews, Scotland


The workshop is organised by the Centre of Interdisciplinary 
Research in Computational Algebra of the University of St Andrews.
It is supported by the EPSRC project "HPC-GAP: High Performance 
Computational Algebra and Discrete Mathematics":


In this project we are reengineering the GAP system to take 
advantage of computer architectures suitable for parallel
computations. The workshop is organised to present the results 
of the project to the GAP community, and we invite everyone who
is interested in parallel programming in GAP. Developers of GAP 
and authors of GAP packages are particularly welcome, since your
contribution will be important to eventually transform the HPC-GAP 
version of the system into the next mainstream release.

The workshop will comprise of lectures and tutorials given by 
the participants of the HPC-GAP project, and case studies sessions
where we intend to look at some particular GAP packages and 
estimate main tasks needed to adapt them to HPC-GAP. We plan 
to allow enough time to work in small groups and have informal
discussions about HPC-GAP and GAP development in general.


- August 18th (Sunday): Arrival day
- August 19th-23th (Monday-Friday): Workshop
- August 24th (Saturday): Departure day

Registration and accommodation:

The organisers will provide a limited number of B&B places in McIntosh 
Hall <http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/accommodation/ug/residences/mcintosh/>. 
These will be provided free of charge and will be allocated on a first 
come - first served basis, so early registration is advised. If there 
will be larger demand for accommodation, we will help you to find another 
place to stay and will partially contribute towards the costs of your 
accommodation. We regret that there is no support available for daily 
expenses and travel.

To register, please send your contact details to organisers by email to

	hpcgap2013 at gap-system.org 


- for the full registration: July 15th 2013
- for the non-residential registration: August 5th 2013

- Steve Linton
- Reimer Behrends
- Vladimir Janjic
- Alexander Konovalov
- John McDermott
- Angela Miguel
- Max Neunhöffer

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