[hpc-announce] Green Graph 500 List - Call for Submissions

Torsten Hoefler htor at inf.ethz.ch
Sat May 11 16:00:10 CDT 2013

                          CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
                          Green Graph 500 List 


The Green Graph 500 List is soliciting submissions for supercomputer
entries. This list fulfills a variety of purposes. First and foremost
it is to establish the practice to compete not only for the highest
performance but also for the highest energy efficiency. It is also set
out to collect historical data about developments that may allow us to
predict future trends very similar to what the Top 500 list has achieved
in the past. 

    An introduction to the list can be found in the May 2013 news at 

Submitting entries to the Green Graph 500 list requires to measure the
power during the execution of a Graph 500 Breadth First Search run. Code
and instructions are available at http://green.graph500.org/code.php .


* Submission deadline:          June 9th , 2013
* Publication of list:          June 18th, 2013

The list will be presented at the International Supercomputing
Conference (Graph 500 BoF), on June 18th in Leipzig. Certificates will
be presented for the top-ranked entries.

 Please contact us under info --at-- green.graph500.org if you have any

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