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IEEE Cluster 2013
September 23-27, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana, US


The deadline for IEEE Cluster 2013 submissions in the Papers track is May 18, 2013.

Conference organizers are particularly interested in content related to:

* Current and future directions in cluster technology
* Clusters driving innovation in industrial and academic research
* Clusters in education and outreach (technical papers describing formal education and outreach programs, as well as position papers about how the community can help educate and train a twenty-first century workforce)
* Clusters and clouds in cyberinfrastructure strategy
* Clusters in distributed visualization

Best Paper Awards. Starting with Cluster 2013, the “Mark Baker Best Student Paper Award,” newly instituted by IEEE Cluster advisory committee, will honor outstanding work in memory of Mark Baker. There will also be best paper and best poster awards.

Paper submissions are sought in the following tracks:

* Education, Outreach, and Training (EOT). This new track invites technical and advocacy/position papers related to the training and education needs of students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. These should be technically oriented papers regarding, for example, programming languages and training, software engineering and education, or cluster management and workforce development.

*Papers can either be success stories (on efforts that help advance education and training in computational science and engineering) or position papers that advocate better training for technically oriented students (for example, arguing that computer science departments return to teaching high performance languages in addition to teaching Java.)

*Organizers especially encourage submissions that address the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented and underserved communities (including women, minorities and people with disabilities), institutions and disciplines. (Submission Track: Papers, , indicate EOT in keywords)

* Student Research Papers. Undergraduate and graduate students who are working on research projects that use cluster technology are welcome to submit to one of the following conference tracks: Cluster Management; Cluster Technology; Software and Software Environments; or Education, Outreach and Training. Please include a cover page indicating that this is a student submission. (Submission Track: Papers, indicate Student Paper in keywords)

* Cluster Management. This track will encompass all facets of cluster technology and management, highlighting new technologies, trends, and best practices in cluster architecture, cluster management, and applications that run on clusters.

* Please consider cluster technology and management within the broader context of clouds and cyberinfrastructure.

* Cluster Technology. Submissions should present technology developments and capabilities that enable increased performance, capability, productivity, and/or reliability of cluster resources.

* Please describe the technology in detail, discuss achieved or potential impact and articulate future plans.

* Clusters, Interconnects, and Next Generation Networks. This track will focus on the impact of new generation networking technology within the cluster, across campus, and over long-haul networks – particularly given the implementation of 100-Gbps wide-area Ethernet networks and new developments in InfiniBand networks.

* We especially encourage submissions on the implications for data storage architectures given changing time and financial costs for bulk movement of data over long distances: If we are to create a national research data infrastructure architecture, how do we do that?

* Software and Software Environments. This track will focus on the software generally visible to the end user — applications, gateways, or other software that enables clusters to be accessible to scientists, artists, clinicians, and engineers of today and tomorrow.

* Of particular interest are submissions from software developers or software vendors regarding challenges and opportunities in the deployment and use of software on clusters, and software innovation and sustainability considerations.

* Papers on science gateways — related to use of clusters and cluster integration into campus cyberinfrastructure — are also of interest.

Questions? Contact:

David Hart
Cluster 2013 Proceedings Chair
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
dhart at ucar.edu<http://ucar.edu/>

Henry Neeman
Cluster 2013 EOT Chair
Oklahoma University Supercomputing Center for Education and Research (SCER)
hneeman at ou.edu<http://ou.edu/>


Robert Ping
Manager, Education and Outreach in the Collaboration and Engagement Support Group
UITS Research Technologies
Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute

robping at indiana.edu<mailto:robping at indiana.edu>
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