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Mark Hempstead mhempstead at coe.drexel.edu
Tue Jan 22 17:38:21 CST 2013

apologies if you receive multiple copies of this notice -- some of you may be interested in the following workshop that will be co-located with ISPASS



FastPath 2013: Second International Workshop on Performance Analysis of Workload Optimized Systems April 21st, 2013, Austin, TX (In Conjunction with ISPASS-2013)


The goal of FastPath is to bring together researchers and practitioners involved in cross-stack hardware/software performance analysis, modeling, and evaluation of workload optimized systems. With microprocessor clock speeds being held constant, optimizing systems around specific workloads is an increasingly attractive means to improve performance. The importance of workload optimized systems is seen in their ubiquitous deployment in diverse systems from cellphones to tablets to routers to game machines to

Top500 supercomputers, and IT appliances such as IBM's DataPower and Netezza, and Oracle's Exadata. More precisely, workload optimized systems have hardware and/or software specifically designed to run well for a particular application or application class. The types and components of workload optimized systems vary, but a partial list includes traditional CPUs assisted with accelerators (ASICs, FPGAs, GPUs), memory accelerators, I/O accelerators, hybrid systems, and IT appliances. Exploiting CPU savings and speed-ups offered by workload optimized systems for application level performance improvement poses several cross stack hardware and software challenges.  These include developing alternate programming models to exploit massive parallelism offered by accelerators, designing low-latency, high-throughput H/W-S/W interfaces, and developing techniques to efficiently map processing logic on hardware.


FastPath seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas on performance analysis and evaluation of workload optimized systems and seeks papers on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:



Industrial Experiences

GPUs, FPGAs, ASIC Accelerators

Game Consoles and their Sensors

RDMA and Infiniband

Measurements on accelerated systems

Analytical Techniques

Programming Models

MapReduce, Hadoop

Runtime Management Systems

Key Dates

Submission:                 March 10, 2013

Notification:               April 1, 2013

Final Materials Due:        April 11, 2013


General Chair:              Erik Altman (IBM)

Program Committee Chairs:   Parijat Dube (IBM), Lizy K John(University of Texas at Austin)

Web Chair:                  Augusto Vega (IBM)

Publicity Chair:            Mark Hempstead (Drexel University)

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