[hpc-announce] Workshop on Reliability and Security Data Analysis (RSDA 2013)

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Fri Feb 1 09:49:19 CST 2013


Workshop on Reliability and Security Data Analysis (RSDA 2013)

co-located with the 43rd IEEE/IFIP International Conference on
Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2013)
June 24, 2013 - Budapest, Hungary


Computer  systems are  intertwined in  many modern  human activities  and, more
importantly, they play key roles in critical domains. As such, it is  critically
important to assess the dependability of computing systems. Data collected under
real workload conditions  can provide troves  of valuable information  about the
stresses  the  systems encounter  and  their responses  to  them. Relevant  data
includes  text logs  and numeric  data from  application, system,  network, and
environmental sensors.

The  inherent value  of reliability  and security  data is  well recognized  by
practitioners,   academia,  and   industry.  Effective   analysis  deepens   our
understanding of the systems, ranging from failure causes to the progression  of
malicious attacks, and  in turn enables  stronger designs and  better monitoring

Despite of decades of research and methodological advances, data analysis  keeps
posing challenging research  questions due to  ever-increasing data variety  and
scale, and increasing diversity of analysis objectives and application domains.

RSDA aims to establish  a forum to stimulate  scientific research in this  area,
including discussion of techniques and  tools to manage and analyze  reliability
and security data. The workshop will also aim to establish the agenda of  future
research activities in the field of reliability and security data analysis,  and
foster synergistic collaborations among attendees in those activities.


We  seek contributions  from academic  and industrial  organizations addressing
reliability and security aspects of computer systems through data analysis.  The
workshop addresses (but is not limited to) the following topics:

- Data production, management and organization
- Data formats and collection
- Data filtering and processing
- Big data analytics
- Data-driven reliability and security evaluation and modeling
- Data-driven monitoring and control
- Improving reliability and security through data analysis
- Generation of synthetic data sets and ground truth
- Benchmarking reliability and security assessment techniques
- Tools for reliability and security data analysis
- Advances and challenges in reliability and security analysis
- Analytical and simulation studies
- Experiences with real-world systems

Relevant application areas include (but are not limited to):

- Distributed, parallel, clustered and grid systems
- Cloud computing infrastructures
- Real-time and embedded systems
- Database and transactional systems
- Operating systems
- Web-based information
- Secure and intrusion tolerant systems


Workshop Paper Submission:	March 1, 2013
Notification of Acceptance:	April 12, 2013
Camera Ready Deadline:	       April 30, 2013
Workshop:	               June 24, 2013


Submissions are solicited in the following categories:

- Regular papers presenting innovative ideas improving the state of the art.

- Experience papers discussing  the role of  data on existing/production  systems,
including some form of analysis and evaluation.

- Extended abstracts proposing disruptive ideas in the field, including some  form
of preliminary results.

Submissions should be sent electronically,  must conform to the IEEE  conference
proceedings style (http://2013.dsn.org/call-for-contributions/submission-rules/)
and not exceed 8 pages in  length. Accepted submissions will be included  in the
DSN 2013 proceedings and on  IEEE Xplore as workshop papers.  Submission implies
the  willingness of  at least  one of  the authors  to attend  the workshop  and
present the  paper, if  accepted. Submission  link is  available at the workshop
webpage: http://www.mobilab.unina.it/RSDA2013/

Workshop Organizers

- Catello Di Martino	Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign	dimart at illinois.edu
- Antonio Pecchia	Federico II University of Naples	antonio.pecchia at unina.it
- Jon Stearley		Sandia National Laboratories		jrstear at sandia.gov

Program Committee

- Domenico Cotroneo	Federico II University of Naples
- Zbigniew Kalbarczyk	University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Kishor Trivedi	Duke University
- Bojan Cukic		West Virginia University
- Franck Cappello	INRIA and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Michel Cukier 	University of Maryland
- Marco Vieira		University of Coimbra
- Salvatore Orlando	VMware
- Santonu Sarkar	Infosys Labs
- Olivier Thonnard	Symantec Research Labs
- Greg Bronevetsky	Lawrence Livermore National Lab
- Marcello Cinque	Critiware and Federico II University of Naples
- Karthik Pattabiraman	University of British Columbia
- Aashish Sharma	Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
- Keun Soo Yim		Google
- Adam Slagell		National Center for Supercomputing Applications
- Silvio Pardi		Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)
- Suo Chen		Microsoft Research
- Vassil Alexandrov	Barcelona Supercomputing Center
- Luisa Carracciuolo	SCoPE Data Center, Federico II University of Naples
- Gabriella Carrozza	SESM, Finmeccanica
- Theophilus Benson	Princeton University
- Massimiliano Albanese George Mason University



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