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Fri Aug 16 09:40:46 CDT 2013

******* Please note upcoming early registration deadline : August 22nd 2013 ********


  2013 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization

  IISWC 2013

  Portland, Oregon, September 22-24, 2013



This symposium is dedicated to the understanding and characterization of Workloads that run on all types of computing systems. New applications and programming paradigms continue to emerge rapidly as the diversity and performance of computers increase. On one hand, improvements in computing technology are usually based on a solid understanding and analysis of existing workloads. On the other hand, computing workloads evolve and change with advances in microarchitecture, compilers, programming languages, and networking/communication technologies. Whether they are smart phones and deeply embedded systems at the low end or massively parallel systems at the high end, the design of future computing machines can be significantly improved if we understand the characteristics of the workloads that are expected to run on them. This symposium will focus on characterizing and understanding emerging applications in consumer, commercial and scientific computing.


        Early Registration Deadline: August 22, 2013

        Hotel Discount Rate Cut-off Date: August 29, 2013


Sept 22nd, Sunday : TUTORIALS

Sept 23rd, Monday : CONFERENCE DAY 1

               Keynote by Raj Yavatkar (Intel Fellow)

               Session 1. Characterizing Parallel Workloads

        Session 2. Best Paper Session

        Session 3. Big Data

        Poster Session

        Excursion and Dinner (Portland Spirit Cruise on Willamette River) Sept 24th, Tuesday: CONFERENCE DAY 2

        Session 4. Mobile Systems

        Session 5. Virtualization and System Management

        Session 6. Hot Workloads Special Session (Invited industry speakers)

        Session 7. GPUs and Accelerators


Tutorials (Sept 22nd, Sunday)

Half-day (morning)   The Sniper Multi-core Simulator (by Ghent University) -

Half-day (afternoon) Modeling Exascale Applications with SST/macro and Eiger

                     (by Georgia Tech and Sandia National Labs)

Half day (TBA)       Genomics and Towards Personalized Medicine (by Intel and OHSU)

06:00-09:00pm        Reception

Conference Day 1 (Sept 23rd, Monday)

08:30-09:30am Keynote by Raj Yavatkar (Intel Fellow)

09:30-10:00   Break

10:00-12:00   Session 1. Characterizing Parallel Workloads

              Characterizing Multi-threaded Applications for Designing

                      Sharing-aware Last-level Cache Replacement Policies

              (Mis)Understanding the NUMA Memory System Performance of

                      Multithreaded Workloads

              iBench: Quantifying Interference for Datacenter Workloads

              Do C and Java Programs Scale Differently on Hardware

                      Transactional Memory?

12:00-01:30pm Lunch

01:30-03:00   Session 2. Best Paper Session

              ACE: Abstracting, Characterizing and Exploiting Datacenter

                      Power Demands

              Quantifying the Energy Cost of Data Movement in Scientific


              Characterizing Data Analysis Workloads in Data Centers

03:00-3:30    Break

03:30-5:00    Session 3. Big Data

              HcBench: Methodology, Development, and Characterization of a

                     Customer Usage Representative Big Data/Hadoop Benchmark

              Semantic Characterization of MapReduce Workloads

              Characterizing the Efficiency of Data Deduplication for Big Data

                    Storage Management

05:00-05:30   Work-in-progress Session

06:30-09:30pm Excursion and Dinner (Portland Spirit Cruise on Willamette River)

Conference Day 2 (Sept 24th Tuesday)

08:30-10:00am Session 4. Mobile Systems

              A Structured Approach to the Simulation, Analysis and

                    Characterization of Smartphone Applications

              WiBench: An Open Source Kernel Suite for Benchmarking Wireless Systems

              MobileBench: An Emerging Mobile Platform Benchmark Suite; Performance,

                    Energy Characterizations and Its Architectural Implications

10:00-10:30am Break

10:30am-Noon  Session 5. Virtualization and System Management

              Revisiting the Management Control Plane in Virtualized Cloud

                    Computing Infrastructure

              Modeling Virtual Machines Misprediction Overhead

              Performance Implications of System Management Mode

Noon-1:30pm   Lunch

01:30-03:30pm Session 6. Hot Workloads Special Session

              Invited speakers are Harvey Tuch (VMware), Mei Chen (Intel),

                 Mike Flynn/Jacob Bower (Maxeler) and Mark Shaw (Microsoft)

03:30-04:00pm Break

04:00-05:30pm Session 7. GPUs and Accelerators

              On the performance and energy-efficiency of multi-core SIMD CPUs

                    and CUDA-enabled GPUs

              R-Graph: A Characterization of GPGPU Graph Applications

              Platform-independent characterization of function-level communication

                    in workloads using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation


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