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|  CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: DOA-SVI 2012                                |
|  International Symposium on Secure Virtual Infrastructures           |
|                                                                      |
|  Rome, Italy; September 10-12, 2012                                  |
|  Proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag                    |
|                                                                      |
|  Website: http://www.onthemove-conferences.org/index.php/doasvi12    |                  |												
|                                                                      |
|  Abstract submission deadline: May 11, 2012                          |


DOA-SVI'12 is the  second  International  Symposium  on  Secure  Virtual
Infrastructures (incorporating and extending the 13th DOA  Symposium and
6th IS Symposium). DOA-SVI 2012 is organized as a  component  conference
of the OnTheMove  Federated  Conferences  & Workshops.  This  year's OTM
event  will  be  held  in Rome,  Italy,  from  10  - 14  September 2012.

Current and future software needs remain focused towards the development
and deployment of large & complex intelligent and networked  information
systems,  required   for   the   internet- and intranet-based systems in
organizations, and covering a very wide range of application  domains as
well as technology and research issues.

For 2012, the following themes to be addressed  by  novel  research have
been identified:


The topics of this symposium include, but are not limited to:

. Virtualized Computing Infrastructures
. Service-Oriented Architecture, Service-Oriented Computing
. Datacenter Architecture and Management
. Cloud Trust, Security, Privacy and Confidentiality
. Cloud Models and Development Tools
. Cloud Operation and Resource Management
. Cloud Performance Modeling and Benchmarks
. Cloud Business Applications and Case Studies
. Cloud Access Control and Authentication
. Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
. Reliability, Fault Tolerance, Quality-of-Service
. Service Level Agreements and Performance Measurement
. Pervasive / Ubiquitous Computing in the Cloud
. Internet of Things
. Software, Database and Data Warehouse security
. Privilege Management Infrastructure
. Network Security
. Identity and Trust Management
. Networks of Trust, Clouds of Trust
. Value Based Design
. Infrastructures for Social Computing and  Networking
. Clouds and Social Media
. Reality Mining
. Formal methods and tools for Cloud computing


Distributed computation is undergoing a  radical  paradigm  shift, where
users  and  developers  alike  are  becoming  fully  decoupled  from the
technology  infrastructure  where  their  applications   are   executed.
Computations  details are  abstracted by  an increasingly deep virtuali-
zation  layer, veiling  distributed   execution  by means  of  the  same
"cloud" that supports it.  Together, the notion of  Cloud  Computing and
the related one of  service-orientation are enabling new business models
based on the  seamless  provision of  dynamically scalable,  virtualized
resources as services made available  "over  the  cloud", to be accessed
via a web browser.

For this vision to be realised, a number of problems need to  be solved,
involving  the  nuts-and-bolts    of  virtualization    as well   as the
reliability,  scalability,  security  and  distribution  transparency of
cloud-based computations, and the abstractions leading their development
(e.g. service composition versus on-line architectural transformations).
Along  with the  rapid evolution  of these  fields, the Cloud vision re-
quires a  huge  research  and  development   effort  in  the  underlying
technologies, whose  advances  will  broaden  the  scope  of the Cloud's

DOA-SVI 2012 will investigate all  issues  related  to the  potential of
the Cloud  notion  as  a metaphor  for  the  future  Internet  Services,
providing  semantically   rich   service   descriptions   and   seamless
interfaces  to  (virtual  images  of)  locally  held  devices  and other
technologies such as the traditional  Web,  distributed  datacenters and
peer-to-peer systems.


. Abstract Submission deadline: May 11, 2012
. Paper Submission deadline:    May 18, 2012
. Acceptance Notification:      June 25, 2012
. Camera-Ready due:             July 16, 2012
. Author Registration due:      July 16, 2012
. DOA-SVI symposium date:       Sept.10-12, 2012

For submission guidelines please go to:


. Alois Ferscha, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria
. Siani Pearson, HP Labs, UK


. Lionel Brunie, INSA de Lyon, France
. Marco Casassa Mont, HP Labs, UK
. David Chadwick, University of Kent, UK
. Sadie Creese, University of Oxford, UK
. Alfredo Cuzzocrea, ICAR-CNR & University of Calabria, Italy
. Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy
. Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
. Changyu Dong, University of Strathclyde, UK
. Schahram Dustdar, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
. Karin Anna Hummel, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
. Iulia Ion, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
. Martin Jaatun, SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway
. Ryan Ko, HP Labs, Singapore
. Antonio Krüger, Saarland University, Germany
. Kai Kunze, University of Passau, Germany
. Joe Loyall, BBN Technologies, USA
. Marco Mamei, University of Bologna, Italy
. Rene Mayrhofer, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria
. Mohammed Odeh, University of West of England, UK
. Nick Papanikolaou, HP Labs, UK
. Christoph Reich, Furtwangen Hochschule University, Germany
. Chunming Rong, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
. Charalabos Skianis, University of Aegean, Greece
. Anthony Sulistio, High Performance Computing Center (HLRS), Stuttgart,
. Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
. Jianying Zhou, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
. Wolfgang Ziegler, Fraunhofer-Institute for  Algorithms and  Scientific
   Computing (SCAI), Germany

More detailed and continuously updated information can  be found  at the
website <http://www.onthemove-conferences.org/index.php/doasvi12> of the

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