[hpc-announce] PGAS2012 1st announcement

Chris Maynard c.maynard at ed.ac.uk
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First announcement PGAS 2012

The 6th Conference on Partitioned Global Address Space Programming  
Oct 10-12, 2012
Santa Barbara, CA

Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) programming models offer HPC  
programmers a shared address space model that simplifies programming  
while exposing data/thread locality to enhance performance. This  
facilitates the development of programming models that can deliver  
both productivity and performance.

The PGAS conference is a forum to present and discuss ideas and  
research developments in the area of PGAS models, languages,  
compilers, runtimes, applications and tools.

The 2012 PGAS conference will be held in Santa Barbara, CA, USA,  
between Oct 10-12 2012.

Papers, posters and demos are solicited in related areas, including  
but not limited to:

* Applications. New applications that are uniquely enabled by the PGAS  
model, existing applications that can take advantage of the PGAS  
model, effective application development practices for PGAS codes, and  
comparative performance analysis of applications over various  
programming models.

* Developments in Programming Models and Languages. PGAS models,  
language extensions, and hybrid models to address emerging  
architectures, such as multicore, hybrid, heterogeneous, SIMD, and  
reconfigurable architectures.  Extensions to the basic PGAS model.   
New PGAS languages.

* Tools, Compilers, and Implementations. Integrated Development  
Environments, performance analysis tools, and debuggers.  Compiler  
optimizations for PGAS languages, low level libraries, memory  
consistency models.  Hardware support for PGAS languages, performance  
studies and insights, productivity studies, and language  

For more information please see the conference web site at: https://sites.google.com/a/lbl.gov/pgas12/

Important Dates

Full paper submission:				Aug 1st 2012
Author Notification: 				Sept 1st 2012
Workshop and tutorial proposals:  		Aug 1st 2012

Submission Instructions

Submissions should not exceed 10 pages using 10pt font. For more  
details kindly consult the conference web site.
The conference proceedings, containing all accepted papers, will be  
published online by ACM.
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