[hpc-announce] IHPCES 2012 - 2/15/12 Paper Submission Extension

Henry Tufo tufo at cs.colorado.edu
Thu Feb 9 13:17:28 CST 2012


                     *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***

          Second International Workshop on Advances in
         High-Performance Computational Earth Sciences:
            Applications and Frameworks (IHPCES 2012)

        To be held in conjunction with the 12th International
        Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2012),
             "Empowering Science through Computing",
                 Omaha, Nebraska, June 4-6, 2012

Paper Submission Due (10 pages): February 15, 2012
Author Notification:             February 20, 2012

The IHPCES 2012 workshop will provide a forum for presentation
and discussion on the state-of-the-art research in
high-performance computational earth sciences.

IHPCES 2012 invites original contributions on all topics
related to Computational Earth Sciences, including, but not
limited to:
  * Large-scale simulations using modern high-end supercomputers
    in earth sciences, such as atmospheric science, ocean
    science, solid earth science, and space & planetary science,
    as well as multi-physics simulations.
  * Advanced numerical methods for computational earth sciences,
    such as FEM, FDM, FVM, BEM/BIEM, Mesh-Free method, Particle
    method, and etc.
  * Numerical algorithms and parallel programming models for
    computational earth sciences.
  * Optimization and re-engineering of applications for
    multi/many-core processors and accelerators.
  * Strategy, implementation and applications of pre/post
    processing and handling of large-scale data sets for
    computational earth sciences, such as parallel
    visualization, parallel mesh generation, I/O, data mining
    and etc.
  * Frameworks and tools for development of codes for
    computational earth sciences on peta/exascale systems.

In principle, all accepted papers will be printed in the
conference proceedings of ICCS 2012 published by Elsevier
Science in the open-access Procedia Computer Science series.

Detailed information for submission is found at

### CONTACT ###
Henry Tufo
University of Colorado at Boulder
National Center for Atmospheric Research
E-mail: henry.tufo(at)colorado.edu

Yifeng Cui
San Diego Supercomputer Center
E-mail: yfcui(at)sdsc.edu

Henry Tufo (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder and NCAR, USA), Co-Chair
Yifeng Cui (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA), Co-Chair

H. Aochi (Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres (BRGM), France)
T. Aoki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
X. Cai (University of Oslo, Norway)
P. Chen (University of Wyoming, USA)
H.W. Chen (National Central University, Taiwan)
H.B. Cheong (Pukyong National University, Korea)
X.B. Chi (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
A. Chourasia (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA)
L.A. Drummond (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
T. Furumura (University of Tokyo, Japan)
O. Ghattas (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
L. Gross (University of Queensland, Australia)
T. Iwashita (Kyoto University, Japan)
P. Joeckel (Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Germany)
A. Kageyama	(Kobe University/JAMSTEC, Japan)
T. Kaiser (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
R. Latham (Mathematics and Computer Science Division, ANL, USA)
O.A. Marques (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
A. Mirin (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
K. Nakajima (University of Tokyo, Japan)
K.B. Olsen (San Diego State University, USA)
R. Tian (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
L. Wang (University of Wyoming, USA)
H.L. Xing (University of Queensland, Australia)
D.A. Yuen (University of Minnesota, USA)

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