[hpc-announce] HIPEAC 2012 POSTER SESSION: call for participation

Qing Yi qing.yi at utsa.edu
Wed Dec 7 01:47:50 CST 2011

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Dear Professors, Researchers, And Graduate Students,

If your research area is in architectures or compilers for high  
performance or embedded computing, we hope you have heard about the  
exciting new conference model that we are implementing in HiPEAC 2012,  
to be held in Paris, France on Jan 23-25, 2012. For more information,  
please go to

  First of all, we have completely outsourced the paper selection  
process for the main conference track to ACM TACO. This resulted in  
many more submitted papers and higher quality accepted papers than  
previous years. Most accepted papers went through two solid review  
rounds, and both the reviewers and authors agree that the quality of  
the final version of the papers is much higher compared to the quality  
of the original submissions. All accepted papers will be presented at  
the main conference track. The chairs of the conference are convinced  
that this model offers so many advantages that it is here to stay.

Parallel with the main track of the conference, there will be over 20  
workshops and tutorials. Attendees are free to attend any of them,  
actually composing their personalized conference program. By  
efficiently packing so many activities in three days, we want to make  
this conference into an efficient networking event.

On top of all that, we added a completely new concept --- THE POSTER  
All participants can present their work during a huge poster session  
on the first day (Monday, during the evening cocktail). If you are a  
professor or independent researcher, we strongly encourage you to  
participate in the conference poster sessions or send your students to  
present their work during this poster session (posters are neither  
reviewed, nor published, so even work in progress can be presented).  
Doing so has two benefits: (i) You can get useful feedback from the  
people stopping by your poster. It might even mark the beginning of a  
future collaboration. (ii) This poster session has been announced to  
many companies and projects as a recruitment event. Hence, if you are  
a last year PhD student or postdoc, expect them to come to you and to  
offer you a job.
During the second day, companies will present their products and  
services, and during the third day, EU projects will present their  
results. These two poster sessions offer you additional opportunities  
to learn more about them. Many companies and projects are currently  
hiring. This is a unique opportunity to find a dream job in industry,  
or in academia.

As you can see, we want this conference to be far more than just a  
place where you present your work, or where you learn more about other  
people’s research. We really want to make it into a networking event  
that can impact the careers of many students as well as independent  
researchers. We hope that this model can convince you to attend the  
conference and to present a poster on Monday evening.

For questions regarding the HIPEAC poster sessions, please direct them  
to qingyi at acm.org.

Best regards,
HiPEAC organizing committee
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