[hpc-announce] SC09 Technical Paper submission deadline extension to April 13th (but not for abstracts)

Satoshi Matsuoka matsu at is.titech.ac.jp
Mon Apr 6 12:24:37 CDT 2009

To those who have submitted an abstract for a SC09 technical paper

This is to inform you that the paper submission deadline in the two
stage process has been extended to April 13th. You should already have
gotten this message on your submission, but if you have not for some
reason this announcement confirms this fact. Note that the abstract
submission has NOT been extended (remains to be April 3rd), so this
announcement only applies to people who have already submitted the
abstract by then. Thank you for your attention.

					Satoshi Matsuoka
					SC09 Tech Papers Co-Chair

Satoshi Matsuoka,  Professor
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center 
 & Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Address: 2-12-1 Oo-okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8552 Japan
Tel&fax: +81-3-5734-3876   E-mail: matsu at acm.org, matsu at is.titech.ac.jp

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