[Darshan-users] Error: incompatible darshan file.

Snyder, Shane ssnyder at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Mar 9 08:25:48 CST 2023

Hi Zoya,

That warning message implies darshan-parser believes it is using older Darshan libraries than what generated the log. Are you sure you're not always invoking darshan-parser built by the 3.3.1 library you mention?

I would try to verify on a fresh build/install of a 3.4.1+ release on your laptop to make sure. Maybe even try running darshan-parser directly from the build directory to ensure install prefixes aren't somehow getting mixed up or something.

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I have installed Darshan version 3.4.1 on an HPC cluster and generated a log file without any problem. Then copied the log file to my own laptop, which has version 3.4.2 installed. When I do darshan-parser, I get the error message:
Error: incompatible darshan file.
Error: expected version 3.21, but got 3.41
Error: failed to read darshan log file header.
(also the same problem with version 3.4.1 on my laptop). There is no error when I do a parser for log files of older version 3.3.1
Would you please guide me to understand the issue?
Zoya Masih
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