[Darshan-users] HDF5 chunking and Darshan with enable-hdf5-mod results in error

Tobias Meisel tobias.meisel at ufz.de
Mon Apr 19 07:17:44 CDT 2021

Hi all,
I’ve built 3.2.1 Darshan with --enable-hdf5-mod=

When I began writing chunks collectively with hdf5 I got errors only when darshan 
instrumentation is enabled. 
The darshan instrumentation without hdf5 chunking worked fine (also with --enable-hdf5-

I have opened a topic at the HDF group forum: https://forum.hdfgroup.org/t/parallel-hdf5-write-with-irregular-size-in-one-dimension/8284/5
The resulting errors are posted to this topic as well.

The minimal example to reproduce the error is also here: https://dbkt.hdfgroup.org/

My Setup is:
     *  OpenMPI (OpenRTE) 4.0.5
     *  HDF5 1.12.0
     *  Darshan 3.2.1

Could you take a look and check if there is a problem with the HDF5 instrumentation in 

Thank you

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