[Darshan-users] Darshan error on Cray system with static compilation

Carns, Philip H. carns at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Jul 25 13:24:35 CDT 2020

Hi George,

We've ever seen that assertion triggered before as far as I know (it's just defensive programming, not something that is supposed to happen).  It indicates that Darshan observed inconsistent results out of a binary search tree; possibly brought on by a memory corruption of some sort?

Unfortunately I'm not sure what to suggest on this one; we might need more information or a reproducer.

The application might have an I/O workload that triggers a buggy code path in Darshan.  It's also plausible that there is a memory corruption outside of Darshan (in the application or another library) that is just impacting that Darshan data structure by chance.


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I just send an error that we can’t reproduce, it happens sometimes and it is on a system that I don’t even have access but they informed me about this error:

fms_MOM6_SIS2_compile.x: lib/darshan-common.c:262: darshan_track_common_val_counters: Assertion `found == counter' failed. forrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal Image PC Routine Line Source

This is a Cray system with static compilation. This error kills the application. Do you have any idea or it is difficult with so minimal information?



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