[Darshan-users] Problem with DARSHAN_CHECK_ERR

Snyder, Shane ssnyder at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jan 24 15:44:47 CST 2020

Hi Francois,

Apologies on letting this fall through the cracks temporarily, but I pushed the fix for this, too.

Thanks again for testing out the new Darshan version and sharing your fixes with us, we very much appreciate it!


On 1/7/20 10:18 AM, François Trahay wrote:

Due to a missing environment variable, I got the following message when running an application with darshan:

darshan_library_warning: unable to create log file .

This incomplete message is due to the DARSHAN_CHECK_ERR macro in darshan-runtime/lib/darshan-core.c that only prints the message format, but does not the variadic arguments. The attached patch fixes the problem.



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