[Darshan-users] Files listed twice in darshan output

Ed Karrels edk at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 27 11:58:01 CDT 2018

Is it normal for a file to be listed more than once in darshan output for
the same process rank?

I've got a logfile (generated by runtime version 2.3.0) for which
darshan-parser (version 2.3.1) outputs stats for a few of the accessed
files twice.

$ darshan-parser
| nl | egrep '41554.CP_F_(OPEN|CLOSE)_TIMESTAMP'
   388  -1      14116071308113141554    CP_F_OPEN_TIMESTAMP
0.314585        .../atomselect.tcl      /mnt/a  lustre
   391  -1      14116071308113141554    CP_F_CLOSE_TIMESTAMP
0.363727        .../atomselect.tcl      /mnt/a  lustre
 30034  -1      14116071308113141554    CP_F_OPEN_TIMESTAMP
0.398742        .../atomselect.tcl      /mnt/a  lustre
 30037  -1      14116071308113141554    CP_F_CLOSE_TIMESTAMP
0.399672        .../atomselect.tcl      /mnt/a  lustre

It looks like the file was opened and closed twice, but when I tried this
in a test program with darshan runtime and util version 2.3.1, the accesses
were combined into one set of records in Darshan. I'm wondering if this is
normal and I should deal with it when loading darshan data into a database,
or if this file is flawed and I can ignore it.

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