[Darshan-users] Darshan Convert

Harms, Kevin harms at alcf.anl.gov
Mon Mar 12 11:31:48 CDT 2018

> Recommended ways of processing quantity of mixed version darshan logs for some type of analysis?

  The parser will convert older logs to the latest format, excepting, the 2.x series don't convert to the 3.x series. The 3.x series has the log version and the darshan version to help find cases were something is new or the code changed in how it was handling a particular field. The release notes are probably the best documentation.

> Any possibility Spark integration?

  There will be some python interfaces pushed to master soon. This would allow working with pyspark.

> Any documentation for custom utilities with darshan-logutils*?

  The darshan-parser.c is probably the best documentation. There are a number of utilities in darshan-util that leverage the the logutils code.


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