[Darshan-users] Bad data in file headers

Ed Karrels edk at illinois.edu
Wed Nov 29 11:14:51 CST 2017

I'm scanning through Darshan logs from Blue Waters, and darshan-parser
fails on bunch (1588) of log files. They're all Darshan version 3 files,
and all from the same user. Every one of this user's Darshan version 3
files fails.  Their Darshan version 2 files are fine.

I ran darshan-parser in a debugger, and found that the headers seem to have
a couple garbage entries.

After the call to darshan_log_get_job(), the "len" fields in fd->name_map
and fd->mod_map[6] seem to be invalid:

(gdb) p /x fd->name_map
$42 = {off = 0x1fc, len = 0xfffffffffffffe04}
(gdb) p /x fd->mod_map[6]
$43 = {off = 0x277, len = 0xfffffffffffffd89}

Have you seen errors like these before? Any idea why they're happening?
Since it's only one user, I suspect it's something in their code, perhaps a
failure during MPI_Finalize.
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