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Mon May 4 10:47:40 CDT 2015

Hello Darshan Users community,

We have a posting for an I/O spevialist at LLNL (see link or description

I think that this is intended as an early career type position, and the
person would work closely with me and with our local file system
development team.

Also, please feel free to forward to any of your contacts.  I would be glad to answer questions
should there be a need for that.

- Richard


Richard Hedges
Customer Support and Test - File Systems Project
Development Environment Group - Livermore Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, MS L-557
Livermore, CA    94551

v:    (925) 423-2699
f:    (925) 423-6961
E:    richard-hedges at llnl.gov<mailto:richard-hedges at llnl.gov>


Job Description

Job Title:

System Software Developer

Science & Engineering MTS 2 (SES.2) / Science & Engineering MTS 3 (SES.3)

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NOTE:  This is a Career Indefinite position. For important information about LLNL appointments refer to the FAQs above. Lab employees and external candidates may be considered for this position.

As a member of the Livermore Computing (LC) High Performance Computer Center, the successful candidate will work as a Software Developer supporting LC and application teams that use LC’s clusters.  The candidate will interface directly with application teams in order to improve application I/O performance using existing I/O characterization tools and creating new tools as needed.  The primary duty of the candidate will be to understand and improve application access patterns to LLNL file system and storage resources.

Increasingly, the performance of applications and services running at LC depends on the efficiency of application I/O access patterns.  Poor I/O access patterns can lead to inefficient application execution and can impact the productivity of unrelated applications in the Center. The successful candidate will analyze cluster and file system utilization to target those applications which would best benefit from an investment in I/O improvement.  The candidate will identify target application development teams, analyze their I/O patterns, and work with those teams to improve I/O efficiency.  The successful candidate will become a focal point of application I/O analysis, improvement, and expertise in the LC.

Livermore Computing is one of the largest supercomputer Centers in the world.  Its resources include the world's largest Linux clusters as well as Sequoia, a 20 PetaFLOP/s IBM system. The working environment is challenging and team-oriented. The successful candidate will interact with LC researchers, system administrators, system programmers, application developers and external colleagues.   The position will involve occasional travel for meetings, training, and conferences.  Candidate will report to the Development Environment Group Leader.  Further information about LC can be found on the web at: https://computing.llnl.gov
Will provide I/O and software expertise to achieve novel improvements and enhancements to existing applications and software.  Candidate will apply advanced knowledge to independently contribute to technical projects using creativity and imagination. The work may not be not clearly defined; the candidate is expected to be self-directed and show initiative in scoping out work and proposing solutions.

- Provide I/O analysis and code development expertise to application teams spanning LC’s user community.
- Work closely and effectively with application teams to improve overall code performance.
- Identify high Return On Investment (ROI) target applications through analysis of Center I/O patterns.
- Provide and support I/O related code development tools and libraries for HPC from open source, vendors, academia, and other labs on all LC production platforms, including BlueGene/Q and Linux Clusters, and to prepare for future architectures.
- Perform research and development activities on new parallel I/O tools, and enhancements to existing I/O tools with other DOE laboratories, academia, and industry.
- Identify user I/O requirements and evaluate I/O tool effectiveness in collaboration with the application development user community.
- Advise and give presentations to the users and customers of LC on I/O performance and best practices.
- Perform all assignments in accordance with ES&H, Security, and business practice requirements and policies.
- Troubleshoot and resolve complex software issues which may also involve interfacing with various LC technical staff with different areas of expertise.
- Independently research, investigate and recommend new techniques, tools, and technologies for system- and application-level software.
- Design and develop software to solve complex systems-level problems, and provide expanded feature sets.
 - Develop funding proposals to improve existing I/O HPC development environment tools and technologies, or to research and develop new I/O HPC technologies.

- BS in computer science, or related field, or equivalent level of demonstrated knowledge.
- Comprehensive knowledge of programming and the I/O aspects of programming.
- Experience with UNIX/Linux and standard compiled programming languages.
- Basic knowledge of parallel programming models and techniques.
- Demonstrated ability to work effectively under limited direction in a dynamic environment.
- Demonstrated effective analytical and problem-solving skills to contribute to creative solutions to complex problems.
- Proficient verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with system administrators, system programmers, application developers and to represent LLNL in public forums (open source projects and technical conferences).
-  Ability to travel for meetings, training, and conferences.
- Significant experience writing I/O packages or routines.
- Demonstrated advanced code development skills applied to I/O, HPC tools, and libraries.
- Advanced knowledge of HPC code development tools and infrastructure components.
- Significant experience developing robust and scalable software infrastructure targeting debugging and performance analysis.
- Demonstrated ability to work effectively with independence and minimal direction in a dynamic environment with competing priorities.
- Significant experience providing innovative solutions to broadly defined tasks and problems.
- Demonstrated effective analytical and problem-solving skills for solving systems software problems.
- Advanced verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively in a technical team environment.

- MS or PhD in Computer Science or related field.
- Experience designing and implementing complex system software for production use.
- Experience analyzing and improving application I/O.
- Significant knowledge and experience with distributed file systems.
- Experience with support of scientific applications programming.
- Experience in a high performance computing environments.
- Experience with HPC performance measurement tools.

Pre-Placement Medical Exam:  None required.

Pre-Employment Drug Test:  External applicant(s) selected for this position will be required to pass a post-offer, pre-employment drug test.

Anticipated Clearance Level:  Q (Position will be cleared to this level). Applicants selected will be subject to a Federal background investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information or matter. In addition, all L or Q cleared employees are subject to random drug testing.  If you hold multiple citizenships (U.S. and another country), you may be required to renounce your non-U.S. citizenship before a DOE L or Q clearance will be processed/granted.

LLNL is an affirmative action/ equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, protected veteran status, age, citizenship, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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