[Darshan-users] Upcoming Darshan events, Fall 2014

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Oct 3 10:23:50 CDT 2014

Here are some upcoming events that might be of interest to the Darshan 

  * October 26, 2014, Raleigh NC: “*Darshan – I/O Workload
    Characterization for MPI Applications*” tutorial to be held at IISWC
    2014.  The presenters are Yushu Yao of Lawrence Berkeley National
    Laboratory and Phil Carns of Argonne National Laboratory.  For more
    information see the tutorial website
    or the conference web site (http://www.iiswc.org/iiswc2014/index.html).

  * November 20, 2014, New Orleans LA: “*Analyzing Parallel I/O*” BOF at
    SC 2014.  This BOF will include a discussion of multiple I/O
    instrumentation tools, including Darshan.  The session leaders are
    Julian Kunkel (German Climate Computing Center), Phil Carns (Argonne
    National Laboratory), and Alvaro Aguilera (Technical University
    Dresden).  For more information see the SC BOF website


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