[Darshan-users] Darshan pre-release: 2.2.9-pre1

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 14 15:34:47 CDT 2014

There is a new experimental version of Darshan available for download 
today.  It includes fixes for several bugs as well as support for 
versions 2.0 and newer of the Cray Programming Environment.  The full 
change log is listed below.

Feedback is always welcome!  We will do more thorough cross-platform 
testing before the official 2.2.9 release; please just use this version 
for testing and evaluation.

-Darshan team

* Bug fixes:
   - Fix mnt table overflow if a large number of file systems are mounted,
     reported by David Shrader.
   - Fix argument parsing for darshan-convert, reported by Mouhamed Gueye.
   - Fix metadata annotation overflow in darshan-convert, reported by
     Mouhamed Gueye.
   - Fix const-correctness in dynamic library when built against MPI 3.x
   - Fix "undefined symbol: dlsym" error when using preloaded dynamic 
     on some platforms, reported by Florin Isaila.
   - Normalize timestamps to always be relative to MPI_Init().
   - Better library name matching in compiler wrappers to handle more MPICH
     variations on Blue Gene systems.
   - Fixed header dependency problems when using darshan-logutils.h in 
     programs (Shane Snyder).
* Enhancements:
   - Add support (both in documentation and in provided module files) for
     Cray PE 2.x.
   - Honor CC variable to allow darshan-util to be built with other 
     besides gcc.
   - Update documentation to clarify the interaction between rpath and
     LD_PRELOAD when instrumenting dynamic libraries, issue reported and
     investigated by Davide Del Vento.
   - Ability to disable shared-file reduction by setting the
     DARSHAN_DISABLE_SHARED_REDUCTION environment variable.
   - More thorough output from darshan-parser --perf, suggested by Huong 
   - Increased metadata annotation room from 64 bytes to 1KiB in header.
   - CP_F_{FASTEST/SLOWEST}_RANK_TIME counters now take MPI-IO time into
     account, not just POSIX time, issue reported by Huong Luu.
   - Better handling of systems with many mounted file systems (after which
     point Darshan will assume file resides on / file system), issue 
     and investigated by David Shrader:
     - Track up to 64 rather than 32 mounted file systems at runtime.
     - Increase header space available for storing mount point 
information in
       log file from approximately 1 KiB to approximately 3 KiB.
     - Prioritize storing information about non-NFS volumes over NFS volumes
       if too many file systems are mounted to record them all.
   - Added darshan-util pkgconfig file (Shane Snyder).

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