[Darshan-users] no write information when using mvapich2

David Shrader dshrader at lanl.gov
Fri Jul 19 12:06:42 CDT 2013

Hello All,

I am currently trying to bring up a Darshan build that supports mvapich2 
1.7 and 1.8. The build seemingly completes without an issue, but I have 
noticed a problem when running an IO-replication application that we 
like to use: I am getting no stats in terms of writes. The app's general 
flow is to do a writing phase and then a reading phase to a single file 
(no collective operations except when opening the file). The stats for 
the reading phase are about what I expect. However, the stats for the 
writes are all 0. Specifically, CP_BYTES_WRITTEN and CP_POSIX_WRITES are 
both 0. The corresponding READS counters are where they should be.

I have tested this app (with the same run command) using a build of 
Darshan that works with Open MPI. There, the WRITE-related counters I 
mentioned above are where I expect them to be. It is just the mvapich2 
builds that have this behavior.

Did I miss something when building for mvapich2? Any ideas as to why 
write information might be missing? If it helps, I can send some of the 
output from darshan-parser (there is only a single file being written 
to, so the output isn't that large) or the log file itself.


David Shrader
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