[Darshan-users] 2.2.0 pre-release

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 29 08:47:51 CST 2012

On 02/29/2012 09:40 AM, Phil Carns wrote:
> Hi all,
> Kevin and I have tagged a new darshan pre-release.  We would be happy 
> for anyone to try it out who is interested, but please don't use it in 
> production anywhere ;-)
>     ftp://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/darshan/releases/darshan-2.2.0-pre1.tar.gz
> You can have a look at the trac tickets that went into this release here:
> https://trac.mcs.anl.gov/projects/darshan/query?group=status&milestone=split-and-bugfix
> or have a look at the changelog here:
> https://trac.mcs.anl.gov/projects/darshan/browser/tags/darshan-2.2.0-pre1/ChangeLog
> The biggest visible change is that we have split the code into two 
> parts: darshan-runtime and darshan-util.  The former is for use on the 
> system where you intend to instrument jobs.  The latter is for use on 
> systems where you intend to analyze log files.  This fixes a number of 
> bugs and improves portability in general.  They are distributed as 
> subdirectories in the same tar ball.
> There is no documentation for this release yet, but the main change is 
> in how to configure the two parts of darshan.  Here is an example for 
> darshan-runtime.  Note that mpicc is specified using the CC 
> environment variable:
>     ./configure --with-mem-align=16 --with-log-path=/my/log/dir 
> --prefix=/my/install/dir --with-jobid-env=COBALT_JOBID CC=mpicc
> This is an example configure line for darshan-util:
>     ../darshan-util/configure --prefix=/my/install/dir

By the way, the fact that the first example shows an in-tree build while 
the latter shows an out-of-tree (or vpath) build is accidental.  Both 
trees work fine with either method.


> We don't have any other planned changes for the official release.  
> Between now and the real 2.2.0 release we will just be testing, fixing 
> any resulting bugs, and updating the online documentation.
> thanks!
> -Phil
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