[Darshan-users] 2.2.0 pre-release

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 29 08:40:20 CST 2012

Hi all,

Kevin and I have tagged a new darshan pre-release.  We would be happy 
for anyone to try it out who is interested, but please don't use it in 
production anywhere ;-)


You can have a look at the trac tickets that went into this release here:


or have a look at the changelog here:


The biggest visible change is that we have split the code into two 
parts: darshan-runtime and darshan-util.  The former is for use on the 
system where you intend to instrument jobs.  The latter is for use on 
systems where you intend to analyze log files.  This fixes a number of 
bugs and improves portability in general.  They are distributed as 
subdirectories in the same tar ball.

There is no documentation for this release yet, but the main change is 
in how to configure the two parts of darshan.  Here is an example for 
darshan-runtime.  Note that mpicc is specified using the CC environment 

     ./configure --with-mem-align=16 --with-log-path=/my/log/dir 
--prefix=/my/install/dir --with-jobid-env=COBALT_JOBID CC=mpicc

This is an example configure line for darshan-util:

     ../darshan-util/configure --prefix=/my/install/dir

We don't have any other planned changes for the official release.  
Between now and the real 2.2.0 release we will just be testing, fixing 
any resulting bugs, and updating the online documentation.


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