[AG-USERS] What do you want the AG to be?

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 5 16:30:22 CDT 2003


It looks like python has a good interface/api/whatever with 
OpenGL.  Perhaps the future interface could be done in 3D.  Such that you 
land in the Lobby, and see a real lobby with chandeliers and cheesy 
paintings on the wall.  Then you could walk to the elevator or a hallway 
and see people's video streams passing by.  Also when you walk into a room, 
you would see the video streams as 3D avatars in the room.  Kinda like a 
cocktail party with those cardboard cutouts of famous 
celebrities.  :-P    Perhaps the video could be texture-mapped onto a 3D 
model of a human figure...

Michael Miller

At 02:36 PM 8/5/2003, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>Greetings everybody,
>At today's AG Town Hall, Ivan Judson suggested that we start a discussion 
>on this mailing list to get some input on what sorts of features people 
>would like to see in future releases of the AG Toolkit. We want to 
>encourage people to think big! This isn't just for AG 2.x, but 3.x and 
>beyond. Based on your responses, we'll be compiling a document to feed 
>into the requirements process for future versions.
>Here are a few things to ponder; do these possibilities appeal to you?
>   * Exposing grid services in a virtual venue, so you can launch a globus
>     job from within a venue
>   * Allowing large files to be stored in venues
>   * Advanced services related to scheduling (AG scheduling, grid scheduling?)
>   * Recording sessions
>   * Allowing access from non-AG interfaces, such as the web
>   * Mitigating the impact of working across time zones (anybody got ideas 
> on how?)
>Try thinking about it from this angle too: What normal daily things do you 
>do in your work which you'd like to see integrated into the AG? For 
>example, perhaps you use a microscope you'd like to share with your 
>Your opinions and ideas are very important; please do chime in!


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