[AG-TECH] Shutdown of Argonne Access Grid services

Gabriel Noronha Gabriel.Noronha at newcastle.edu.au
Thu Mar 1 15:01:47 CST 2012

When does the domain expire ? and will you allow the transfer of the
domain name ? 

I personally prefer you look at source forge maybe even launchpad. both
will also support mailing lists. 


>>> Thomas Uram <turam at mcs.anl.gov> 2/03/2012 4:51 am >>>
Access Grid community:

The Access Grid was created nearly 14 years ago here at Argonne
National Laboratory, as an open source alternative to the proprietary
videoconferencing systems of the day. Our goal was to build the
videoconferencing equivalent of Linux: a foundation for collaboration to
which anyone could contribute, and from which everyone would benefit. We
believe that the Access Grid has achieved this goal by supporting
countless scientific and administrative conferences in academia and

The team at Argonne maintains several servers and services to support
the Access Grid, and can no longer continue these services. We are
drafting a transition plan to support the still active Access Grid
community. The current plan includes the following steps, which will be
taken over the next 3 months; services will continue until June 1, 2012,
when they will become unavailable.

	● Source code will be migrated to a public repository (e.g.
Google code, SourceForge)
	● The Argonne Venue Server and associated services (Jabber,
Bridge Registry) will be turned off
	● The AG-Dev Certificate Authority will stop issuing
	● The accessgrid.org web site will be turned off
	● AG-related mailing lists will be migrated to a public forum
(e.g. Google Groups)

Thank you for all your support and involvement over the years,

The Access Grid developers

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