[AG-TECH] Windows 7 64bits, cannot find audio device in RAT

Griebel, Keith Keith.Griebel at sdstate.edu
Fri Jul 8 17:33:39 CDT 2011

Hello Quang,

We had a fairly similar issue with Windows 7 64bit where the audio device was detected in RAT but it wouldn't output anything to it, even though the meter was lighting up in RAT just fine.  We discovered that at least with our particular hardware (HP Z800 onboard audio) that there had to be something physically plugged into the audio output jack before/while AG/RAT is opened in order for it to work.  If we opened the software before plugging in headphones, speakers, line out, etc. RAT wouldn't send anything through Windows, but you could hear any other sounds played from other programs... quite odd!  Maybe your hardware is similar where you need something plugged in before RAT is opened so it can detect it properly?  You probably tried this already but I just thought I would mention it, even though you described a different issue where RAT wasn't detecting any audio device at all.

Hope that helps,
Have a good weekend!

Keith Griebel
Communications Technician
Classroom Technology Services
South Dakota State University

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We found this out after installing Creative Labs driver and even after we uninstalled all Creative software, RAT still cannot find any audio device.  We have tried using several different sound cards without any luck.

I remember there is a similar thread and wonder if anyone has found a solution.  We plan to reformat the hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windoze 7.

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