[AG-TECH] Changing jabber window text color - Windows icons

Nikkos Svoboda nsvoboda at math.lsu.edu
Mon Jan 24 10:23:57 CST 2011

    I am using the Access Grid 3.2, bundled software package for Windows:

    Is there a method for selecting different text colors used in the 
jabber client portion of the Venue Client? If not, which .py files set 
the text color? I looked through the Venue Client python files but could 
not find this reference.

    I noticed that the Windows Venue Client icon has a 'black' 16-bit or 
256 color icon set. If Windows is set to use 16-bit color or below, the 
icon is a black smudge. Is this a known problem?


-Nikkos Svoboda
LSU Department of Mathematics

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