[AG-TECH] Fwd: AG setup

Todd Zimmerman todd.zimmerman at ubc.ca
Sat Dec 3 14:02:42 CST 2011

I believe he is running SUSE Linux 12.3ish - any ideas?


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Subject: AG setup
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 16:06:58 -0800
From: Martin Siegert <siegert at sfu.ca>
To: Todd Zimmerman <todd.zimmerman at ubc.ca>

Hi Todd,

I reinstalled my desktop and then had to reinstall AG (version 3.2).
It basically works (I made it through the siteleads meeting today),
but there is one irritating issue: when I start AG and then go to the
siteleads room (or any other room) neither rat nor vic come up.
I need to go to "Configure node services ..." and remove the
VideoServiceH264 and then add it back in. When I add it back
vic and rat come up. Any idea what the problem is?


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