[AG-TECH] AG on Mac OSX 10.7

Capehart, William J William.Capehart at sdsmt.edu
Thu Aug 25 20:04:37 CDT 2011

Unsatisfactory results with desk sharing in EVO.  OSX 10.7 seems to have a number of new features and upgrades that conflict with science-based software.  FlexLM licenses (thus IDL, and certain compilers) are likewise affected.

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Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] AG on Mac OSX 10.7

Apparently there are problems with the version of Python used in Lion.
I also had some issues with EVO DeskShare not quite working.
Have you had similar experiences?


On 26/08/2011, at 10:29 AM, Capehart, William J wrote:

When I installed and attempted to run it, it failed (message below).  It
also did not work on my Parallels Windows 7 partition.

[wjc at mandrenke:/Applications]% open ./AccessGrid3.app
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file

I've chosen to table it for now.  In favor of EVO.

On 8/25/11 18:25 MDT, "Nichols, Charles" <Charles.Nichols at mso.umt.edu<mailto:Charles.Nichols at mso.umt.edu>>

Does AccessGrid run on Mac OSX 10.7?


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