[AG-TECH] Some AG questions

Philippe d'Anfray Philippe.d-Anfray at cea.fr
Tue Apr 12 05:16:32 CDT 2011


In my institution we use AG mostly for meetings or seminars .  Also "in
France" we set up  an informal group of AG users (for basic help and
best practices...) where we have "scientific users" but also "artist
users"... and many questions about the software.

First of all, are "vic" and "rat"  state of the art applications ?  or
can we think of other (better) clients that can be embedded in AG,
especially people who play with sound are not satisfied with rat, they
rather use things like "Pura Data" (which is multimedia). We do not know
if there has been attempts (or event if it is conceivable) to create a
Pure Data plugin.

Second is the need to perform some kind of "asymmetric operation" during
an AG session: if you retransmit a seminar or some artistic performance,
you need to control what remote participants can see and hear. With the
normal vic and rat usage they also see and potentially hear all the
other participants.

Third.. another thing that has been discussed in the list is the AG
Portlet which we find very useful for newcommers or occasional users as
they do not need to install a client and discuss with the network people
to open ports etc. in the firewall. The PAG project is no longer active
and the current distribution is outdated (old version of client ?, no
support for 64 bit ?...) we were able to use it some time ago through
JetSpeed or Liferay...

At last there is the iPV6 issue. I know there  have been also some 
discussions recently on the list. In fact when you want to deploy some
new software you're always asked whether it is iPV6 Complient or not ...
I understand also that most people will have direct access to iPv6
multicast which is seldom the case with iPV4.

We will probably be able to find some ressources for (limited) software
development around AG (like new plug'ins, ..) and are particularly
interested in the two first points (but third too).  So this is the
purpose of this message: what do you think about our needs -and future
of AG- ?   are there other ideas or may be already  ongoing projects we
do not know about ? opportunities to cooperate ?

Bien cordialement

Philippe d'Anfray
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