[AG-TECH] Access Grid 3.2 for Mac OS X 10.5 but not (yet) 10.6

Douglas Kosovic doug at uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 8 04:35:45 CDT 2010

Those AGTk 3.2 beta workaround instructions for Snow Leopard are no
longer required for AGTk 3.2.


I'll also retract a statement I mentioned a couple of days ago the vic
that comes with AGTk 3.2 wasn't Slow Leopard compatible. Turns out it
was a vic bug when the DNS isn't configured properly like on my home
Mac, the bug was fixed in a slightly later version of vic. 





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Fwiw, I too have managed to get the non-beta AG 3.2 running on Snow
Leopard.  The RAT in the beta didn't work for me, but the non-beta AG
3.2 must have a Snow Leopard-compatible RAT now.


The rest of the fixes required (new VIC, and a few other bits), were
sorted out for the beta soon after Snow Leopard was released.  Doug
Kosovic provided instructions on this list at the time, and I just
followed them again with the non-beta 3.2.  Not sure if they were all
required, but, as he mentioned, at least the new VIC is required.


Here are Doug's instructions:


	Snow Leopard comes with both Python 2.5 and 2.6, so with a bit
of modifications I was able to get the Intel AG 3.2 beta to work, here
are the steps:
	After installing Intel AG 3.2 beta, download the following patch
	Then on the command-line:
	 cd /Applications
	 sudo patch -p0 < ~/AG-3.2-beta-patch.txt
	The assumes the patch file was downloaded to the home dir (i.e
~/ ), change appropriately if downloaded elsewhere.
	The patch replaces the existing shebang first line with
#!/usr/bin/python2.5 and python2 with pythonw2.5 in a number of files. 
	The VIC that comes with AG 3.2 beta doesn't seem to work. After
running the VenueClient at least once, download a newer vic built on
Snow Leopard from:
	then copy it to one or more of the following locations:


Take care to *download* the files - don't just click on them, as they'll
just load in your web browser window.  Alternately, download, decompress
and mount this disk image file:




It includes both the above files.


These fixes seem relatively minor, which suggests that an 'official' AG
3.2 release for Snow Leopard shouldn't be hard to do.  Hopefully this
means that we'll see it soon.


And, if it isn't implied, thanks much to you, Doug, for these fixes.


Terry McGuire


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