[AG-TECH] SIP/H.323 Bridge

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
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One thing comes to mind was a project that was looking into enabling this many years ago using the software VB and VX.  Information can be found at http://www.accessgrid.org/projects.  It is very likely that this doesn't work, but it was demonstrated at an AG retreat many years ago.  I don't think it was 100% completed.

Alternatively, for your information, within Australia - ARCS (Australian Research Collaboration Service) in collaboration with Caltech have provided EVO-AG bridges, which using EVO to bridge the system, enables us to connect H.323, SIP, Phone and Skype (audio only) to AG sessions. See http://www.arcs.org.au/index.php/video-collaboration-how-to/287 for additional information.

Hope some of this information is of interest to you.

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I'd like to integrate AG technologies with SIP/H.323 standard 
videoconference technologies. I know that it is possible with the 
commercial tool of AG that has an integrated brige. Is there a way with 
AG toolkit 3.2?

Thanks for your time.

Alberto Rossini

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