[AG-TECH] RAT Memory leak (ubuntu 10.10)

Philippe d'Anfray Philippe.d-Anfray at cea.fr
Mon Nov 29 04:40:09 CST 2010


Merci ! à Todd for the "clue" and to Christoph for the fix (just before 
I started to try to remove (parts of ?) pulse audio) The fact is that I 
(and my colleagues too...) do not understand  really well how the 
various Linux sound systems (OSS,  ALSA, Pulse Audio, ..? ) should work 
or cooperate...


Ph d'Anfray

Le 29/11/2010 00:42, Christoph Willing a écrit :
> I've just uploaded a new ag-rat package to the UQVislab maverick repo. 
> Its based on a slightly earlier version (as was used in Ubuntu 10.4) 
> and does not exhibit the memory leak problem.


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