[AG-TECH] Vanishing Bridges (again)

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Thu Nov 25 04:52:09 CST 2010

On 25/11/2010, at 8:03 PM, Philippe d'Anfray wrote:

> Bonjour
> I did not have time to make a "clean" test before today.
> "Our" bridge ARISTOTE is now running on a debian machine and is  
> always "visible"
> I tried to launch bridges on a "up to date" Ubuntu 10.10 machine


Could you confirm exactly which up to date version of accessgrid3.2 is  
installed please? It will be something like 3.2-1, 3.2-2, ...

> first using the ag registry and then using the  ag-ap registry
> /usr/bin/Bridge3.py -p 20000 -r 50000 52000 -n ARI-TestAG -l FRANCE   
> --registryUrl=http://www.accessgrid.org/registry/peers.txt
> /usr/bin/Bridge3.py -p 20200 -r 30000 39000 -n ARI-TestAP -l France   
> --registryUrl=http://www.ap-accessgrid.org/registry/peers.txt
> Then (on another site) if we purge the bridge cache the new bridge  
> appears and can be used.. but after (say) 10 minutes if we purge the  
> cache again the bridge is no longer visible.

I've been trying but, since the last release, can no longer replicate  
the problem (thats why I asked _exactly_ which version are you using).

One other possible factor I've noticed while doing various tests, is  
that NetworkManager on Ubuntu modifies /etc/hosts at each boot (maybe  
even more often?) and this can make the bridge invisible. Could you  
send the contents of /etc/hosts at the time the bridge becomes  


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