[AG-TECH] Vanishing Bridges (again)

Philippe d'Anfray Philippe.d-Anfray at cea.fr
Thu Nov 25 04:03:00 CST 2010


I did not have time to make a "clean" test before today.

"Our" bridge ARISTOTE is now running on a debian machine and is always 

I tried to launch bridges on a "up to date" Ubuntu 10.10 machine first 
using the ag registry and then using the  ag-ap registry

/usr/bin/Bridge3.py -p 20000 -r 50000 52000 -n ARI-TestAG -l FRANCE  

/usr/bin/Bridge3.py -p 20200 -r 30000 39000 -n ARI-TestAP -l France  

Then (on another site) if we purge the bridge cache the new bridge 
appears and can be used.. but after (say) 10 minutes if we purge the 
cache again the bridge is no longer visible.



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