[AG-TECH] Tweeting in and about an AG meeting

Martin Turner Martin.Turner at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Nov 16 13:54:08 CST 2010

Version 0.2 of CritterVRE is a UK JISC funded VRE project to aid the 
annotation of Access Grid sessions by accessing and caching tweets 
containing a relevant hashtag. Thanks for comments on previous 
experimental service.


This tool allows twitter members to login (via twitter) and register an 
event. This will trigger a number of actions on the server.

   1. Details will be stored about the event: Title, Location, Virtual
      Venue (if set), Start Time, End Time, URL and importantly a
      HashTag. Note UK time at the moment.
   2. @CritterVRE <http://twitter.com/CritterVRE> will post a message to
      the twitter public time line pointing to this web interface for
   3. Optionally a similar message will be posted to the registrants
      twitter time line.
   4. Shortly before the event is due to start a reminder tweet will be
      sent out by @CritterVRE <http://twitter.com/CritterVRE>
   5. During the event the twitter search API will be accessed caching
      all tweets with the relevant hashtag
   6. If an Access Grid Virtual Venue was registered with the event a
      new (h261) video stream will be multicast into the corresponding
      Access Grid Virtual Venue to show the associated tweets.

This is an experimental service and please try it out. Please report any 
problems, ideas for improvements to @CritterVRE 
<http://twitter.com/CritterVRE> (as well as see the terms and conditions 
on the website :-)

The following stage to this project will integrate and annotate recordings.

yours Martin

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