[AG-TECH] APAG VenueServer upgrade

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Mon Nov 15 23:29:41 CST 2010

The Asia Pacific Access Grid venue server is about to be upgraded. We  
have the upgraded system running and ready to go but, to ensure the  
smoothest possible transition, it needs lots of testing - testing by  
as many users as possible. This is an invitation to anyone who can  
spare a few minutes in the next week or so to use the new system as  
much as they like and report back any problems they find, so we can  
fix them before taking the system on line.

The new venue server is at:

You'll see that it looks very similar to the real APAG server at  
vv3.ap-acccessgrid.org - thats because I just copied across the APAG  
server's configuration. Many of the media streams will therefore  
overlap - if you're in the lobby of the new system, you'll see streams  
from people in the real APAG lobby. However any data transfers and the  
text chat are completely separate.

There's a possibility that the server may be up and down a bit as we  
fix any problems that are found. Hopefully there won't be many  
problems but please don't hold back reporting them - we want to sort  
them all out so we can have the most reliable system possible. Any  
problems can be emailed either to the list or directly to me, if you  

If there are no serious issues with the new system, we'll bring it on  
line late next week or maybe early the week after. Please let us know  
if you have meetings scheduled around those times that may be affected  
(although we'll endeavour to do the actual change over out of business  


Christoph Willing                       +61 7 3365 8316
QCIF Access Grid Manager
University of Queensland

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