[AG-TECH] HD devices within an Access Grid setup

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
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On 18/06/2010, at 2:46 AM, Brian Corrie wrote:

> Hi Derek,
> That sound like a nice solution... It drives me crazy that with the  
> Sony HD-1 you need to flip a dip switch on the camera to switch  
> between a live SDI out and a composite out. This basically means you  
> can't multipurpose the camera between HD and SD video. I need a  
> ladder and a screw driver to make the switch between the two 8-)

Yes thats a real shortcoming of the Sony camera.

To work around that, I had been thinking about using one of the more  
sophisticated blackmagic cards, say Decklink Studio or Extreme which  
takes in HD in whatever format (SDI, HDMI, DVI, YUV) and at the same  
time provides a downconverted version at its output. If you then run  
that output into a normal capture card, you should be able to stream  
HD and PAL/NTSC simultaneously. I haven't actually tried it but seems  
good in theory ...


> The Vaddio sounds promising. I talked to Sony at InfoComm about the  
> HD-1 and it didn't sound like this was going to change any time  
> soon, so another option is good to know about. Unfortunately I  
> walked through the Vaddio booth but didn't talk to them about their  
> camera specifically.
> Brian
> Vine, Derek A wrote:
>> We will be using the Vaddio WallVIEW HD-18 DVI/HDMI in our new HD  
>> room later this summer.  It features a quick-connect box and ez- 
>> cabling over cat5.  On the quick connect there are DVI and  
>> component outputs, and a composite output is available on the  
>> camera.  Unlike the Sony HD1, all outputs from the HD-18 are live  
>> all the time.
>> The DVI/HDMI option was just announced at InfoComm last week, I  
>> have been told that the camera will begin shipping by July.
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>> G'day All
>> Quick question.  I have a colleague interested in using HD devices  
>> within an Access Grid setup.
>> Obviously they are looking to use the "Blackmagic Design Intensity  
>> Pro" capture cards, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice  
>> with HD cameras that have HDMI output?  Does anyone have any  
>> particular setup that they are currently using?  Obviously there  
>> are many "handy cam" cameras, but having P/T/Z capability would be  
>> a huge benefit.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jason.
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