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Lloyd Pearson lloyd.pearson at otago.ac.nz
Wed Jul 21 16:04:10 CDT 2010

Hello Cindy,

We run several Dell T5400, T5500 and Precision 490's here with WindowsXP SP3 and use the on-board sound.  We use AG3.1 and RAT is v4.40.
Presumably you will be using the line input/output on the REAR of the PC.  Obviously ensure that the Windows7 sound mixer is functioning correctly for your soundcard with your Converge equipment in both directions.  After that, it is likely to be a RAT configuration problem:
Ensure that in RAT, under the word "Talk" that "Rear Input" is displayed, not "Microphone" by clicking on the black triangle at either side of "Microphone."

Also in RAT, click "Options" then select "Audio" and ensure that "SoundMAX HD" is displayed.  (When you go to Category, you may have to click and hold on Personal to display the drop-down list and then select Audio from the seven items listed.)

Be aware that if you use Skype on that PC or a program such as Mirial (an H.323 protocol video conference program) then your sound selection in Windows is likely to change back to microphone input. (This does occur in WindowsXP, but I haven't checked that in Windows7.)

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Hi all,

I am building a new node and having some audio issues.  I'm using a 
Dell T5500 running Windows 7.  I would like to just use the onboard 
audio, but for some reason I can't transmit or receive audio.  I'm 
still using the XAP800 and XAPTH2 (I know, outdated, but it still 
works!).  The onboard audio is HD SoundMax.  I had some similar 
issues a few years back with the 2 channel audio.  Just wondering if 
that's the problem now too......
When I look at the specs, it's 2 channel 44.1KHz....Any suggestions or advice?


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