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Chris Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
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In the Tools->Preferences->Bridging window, where the visible bridges are listed as Enabled or Disabled, you can right click on the Disabled label and manually change the status to Enabled. After a Save, the manually reenabled bridge will appear in the Tools->Bridges list.


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I'm having an issue with a client not being able to connect to our bridge.

The bridge continually comes up as 'disabled'.  I've purged the bridge 
cache and found new bridges etc - and still no luck.  This particular 
client is the only one it is happening to, as far as I can tell (not 
happening on a few other machines I have tested and I haven't heard any 
other reports of this behavior.

My understanding is the client is not behind any firewall, and the 
client can ping the bridge machine.  They are running AG3.2beta1 (all in 
one installer I believe).

I think something similar was listed in this post: 
but I don't see any response and don't see any bugs listed in bugzilla.

Is this a known issue?  Is there any way to resolve it?

I'll add a bug if this hasn't been resolved....


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